Some New Fighting Games

In a few weeks, i will be recieving a good amount of money and i’d like to buy some JAP PS2 games from Lik Sang. Before making a decision, i’d like to hear what you guys have to say about a few games…

  1. NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
  2. Matrimelee / Shin Gouketuji Ichizoku Bonnou Kaihou
  3. KOF Neowave (note: I have KOF 02/03, is it worth it?)

I’d wait for Samsho Tenka and KOF XI but it’s up to you bud.

Just get NGBC.

NGBC’s dry, I wouldn’t bother. I agree wait for Tenka and KoFXI, you could always rock NeoWave while you wait.

When’s XI supposed to be out?

You say “Jap” one more time in my presence and I’ll snip your balls off.

Eh? Is this a problem?

Anywayz, theres quiet a few interesting games out there at the moment. To bad there all jap but whatever.

Can’t wait for the new SS and the Last Blade collection hitting console.

Do you have screen shots for these jap games?

NBC is great, has characters that havent graced a game for a while and has an original and interesting system.

KOF XI is the best KOF in quite a while, has a great roster and is much better value than neowave which is very similar to kof 2k2.

samsho tenka also has lots of systems, a complete samsho roster and nice graphics.

id recommend all three.

nbc is out now. tenka on the 26th of this month and kofxi is yet to be dated though id guess at march or so.

Oh man, I want to play NGBC so badly, but I haven’t found the port yet.

I just got NeoWave recently, myself. I wouldn’t really bother with NW if you have 2002 already. But if you like Jhun/Saishu/Just Defense that much, then by all means.

I do believe some consider it racist. IIRC the more sensitive abbreviation would be “JPN”.

An SNK game with no small jump? I honestly think it’s as dry as a fish in the desert.

i put a couple of months of everyday play into the game and came away enjoying the time i spent on it immensely.

no matter how it looks on paper i always judge how fun a game is on the time ive spent with it rather than theoretical consideration of the game itself.

Question: you have played NGBC, right? so… what game system NGBC is closer to? did you find any connection in the game play with any capcom game? (talking about gameplay wise)

its pretty original in terms of the size of the fighting area and the speed you can get across it… sorta like sam sho 2 or something but faster.

sorta has a kizuna feel in that respect.

close up its similar to a KOF.

kof xi is cool as long as you dont mind tier whoring; gato and kula are broke as fuck, but at least they’re the fun kind of broke

same thing applies to tenka; the big 3 (mina amakusa iroha) are all broke in a fun kinda way. they also all play really differently from each other

i cant give an honest opinion on ngbc because, well… it’s hard to find an arcade that even carries that game here. every japanese player i know swears up and down that its an absolutely terrible game, but i dunno details

I would go with NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

Kinda like SS2 gameplay? this can be good news…
I heard that Mr. Big and Marco (Metal Slug) are already top tiers and marco doesnt has a move/play KoF style, I wonder if many of he Capcom gamers will get into this game, the last 2D fighting games that I was hopping that could kick ass were SvC (after I played it was horrible) and CFE (this last one was not so bad but I was hoping a lot more from him)
With so many characters I hope NGBC can be the next great 2D fighting game, if not… then… again more “x” years without a good new 2D fighting game (just imo)

btw: what are the dates for PS2 version? I know its coming out for X-BoX 360 but the first console release will be PS2, right?

That could be bad news… but I hope not…

Well I guess I will start download NGBC vids untill I have a chance to play it, starting from here: (real player one files, thanks to kofplayer for the finds)

Sounds about right. Honestly, it’s dry, I wouldn’t waste your money. Unless your a fighting game collector, then you might have some use for it.

If they go on to proclaim mvc2 as the best fighter ever after saying that, then we KNOW they’re full of shit.

**can u or anyone do me a favor and tell me where i can pick up ngbc or how do i order from japan. i have never ordered any import games before so, i would really appreciated it if someone can tell me of a site i can go to.

ABASI!** :cool: