Some new random art for review

Wassup folks at Shoryuken, Im here to be judged by everyone here. I just finished with my site, so please be honest, even if it’s brutal. Im lookin for public feedback. I’m a big boy here, I can handle it. Whatever the comment/ comments, Thanks folks

Holy crap, you’re good. Really good.

Love the sketches, particularly the lines. I really wish i could draw as fluently.

I do have one query, the Ryu / Sakura / Cammy 3 page comic looks very familiar. I’m sure i’ve seen it before, or something oddly similar.

Anyway, love the sketches… Would you mind if i coloured a few or at least try?

That’s pretty impressive for a drawing void. Very good sketches, inks and cell-style CGs. I’d love to see some shaded CGs as well… The site’s design’s also cool. I assume you made it with an automated generator (asspecialy by the way the source code looks), but it looks really cool and compact.

…Who’s that woman Akuma’s beating up in that comic? Psylocke?

…And I belive the term is “no one”, but I guess you know what you ment.

That was some crazy stuff man. I luv the kid strider.

Thanks for the kind words. As for the Street Fighter Pages, it’s from the Udon Script that was given out for their Toronto Talent Search. Too bad for me, I did not enter, and I am not from Toronto. Im sure the pages seems familiar as many others have probably drawn from the same script. To Brain Digger, Psylocke is the chick gettin choked by Akuma. My site was also built using Dreamweaver MX. I just rushed the design of the site just to hurry and put it out, not much thought was put into it. Thanks regardless. It is muchh appreciated.


I really like your clean linework and inking in general… makes me wish I could ink like that.

  • the heads on the Strider pics really remind me of Senri Kita’s CFAS work.

  • btw not everybody uses 1600x960 screen resolution - I have no way of seeing the bottom row of your comic panel pages (the XvSF & Udon talent search sets) unless I open it in another program (which involves copy/paste). Perhaps enable scrollbars for these pix?

  • you have some really nice dynamic compositions in those pages (Cammy jumping above the trees, Ryu pushing Sak out of the way as he preps a DP, and the DP panel). Only negative comment would be that the quality of art is inconsistent - Cammy’s torso as she lurks behind the tree looks weird, Ryu’s & Sakura’s closeup shots look rather inconsistent.

good stuff all around… start posting on these boards :slight_smile:

Hehe, I use 1600x1200 resolution… the site looks tiny… :smiley:

When I made my site I put ir all in a table and made sure the spacing in the “body” tag was zero. That way it stretches to the window size, no matter what. But I don’t know how much you people know about simple HTML, so I don’t know what’s the worth of writing this.

Excellent work

nice work man…Top TIER Stuff… Clean inked lines, and strong dynamic work…yeah as aformentioned By RooK, there are a few inconsistentcies here and there, thats ok though…its all a part of the learning process we ALL go through…dude if you Got time on your hands and depending on your schedule for the month of august you should enter that Draw off contest in the “Comic Forum” …just hope you enjoy your stay here at SRK…peace man.:slight_smile:

Well he pretty much said everything I was gonna say. lol Nice job

oh hey tats good. its good to see new stuff here

Hey, not bad! I like your line art although some of it does seem a tad too reminiscent of the Street Fighter Alpha anime artwork.

Good stuff overall, but I would work on that consistancy.

Some really nice works… You have a refined style and some tight linework. I like it. One thing to maybe push in your work I’d say is variation of line weight…you can really increase depth, volume and detail if you pay attention to the right areas of an image.