Some new strider teams/ theory teams, list them



ive been messing around with strider/ironman AA/sentinel Drones, this team is not bad at all, it can fight pretty much all the top tiers well. it must be played in this order. stuffz it can do.

  • if you catch anyone in the ouroburos, you can tag in iron man and do the infinite to kill an opponent, and attempt to guard break the next person coming in

-some mean combos like d+short+ironman AA, short, fierce, b,f+short (short bomb), ironman hits after the fierce, throws opponent backwards into the bomb for mucho pain. if not, combo into ironman, backdash and throw otg dog, xx ragnoark super.

-you have your assist punisher (ironman) and your AA (drones) strider with these assists has a ton of ground control (people fear both of those assists, especially rush down freaks)

-if you catch an assist with ouros and your opponent runs away, you can hurt it really bad with ironman AA

-another instant death. strider 3 meters required , d+short, short, fierce XXqcf+kk XX proton cannon XXhsf, fierce+strider V, rocket punch, strider hits, fierce rocket punch.

  • pretty much anytime you can land a fierce, it equals proton cannon on opponent.

-if you land the infinite on sentinel with strider, you can pretty much kill him by easily comboing a chain into fierce XX proton cannon.

-opponents must fear throwing random shit at strider even more, because of counterXX proton cannon.


-if strider dies quickly, tough to win with just ironman/sen

-strider and ironman both take hella skill to wield properly, right now my ironman is garbage so the team suffers, but i think once it gets up to a good level this team can be a threat

anyways, things are looking promising, but who knows it might be a garbage team, but it seems like it can do ok and the best non/doom strider team ive worked with since strider packs a hell of a punch with those team mates. and yes, i jocked hella combofiend shit

:stuck_out_tongue: i need to play more marvel!


how about strider/doom/sent(projectile)



you should be able to combo into sentinels projectile for some hurt and strider/doom/tron fuckin hurts.

if doom dies, strider/tron is still volatile and just like catchin an assist with ouros and damaging them with IMs AAA, catch them with the ouros and damage them with trons assist.

legion xx proton cannon is too good as a punisher.

i’m also thinkin of wm/strider/doom for nostalgic mvc1.

IMO, strider/cyke/doom is the second best strider/doom team. it makes fightin sentinel MUCH more easier.


Actually I find tronne on point building meter for strider is quite a viable tactic. Use doom assist to cover the drill and the block damage is absolutly obscene. After the rocks hit jump at them with a couple of hits then on the ground go into her standing forward and you can call doom again. There’s only very small windows in this and if there in the corner it takes like 5 repititions of this to chip someone to death.


Strider, Thanos and psylocke…
useage of the bubble trap makes the ouroboros combos near 80-100%. psylocke can keeping rushdown characters off your back. his teleport comes in handly when in certain situations. when people are being cheap, because they can’t hit you. after the gauntlet space combos that take off alot you can cancel out in the ragnarok. the bad thing is no one plays thanos so no one knows how to use him.


I don’t know Strider very well, but wtf? I know of his Sentinel infinite but Sentinel must be standing for it to work. Psylocke knocks Sentinel down. You smoking crack?


if you dont know you better ask someone, if you don’t know strider that well why are posting at all. just stick to your top-tiers ok.


people these days

this isn’t really an infinite, just over 100%

ouroboro combo> air combo +thanos assist> opponent lands on bubble trap> ouroboro combo…

there you go, just let me know if what to know anything else ok?


Dude, I don’t even think 2 consecutive orb rounds equal 100% even on akuma if they’re in the same combo. And what is this infinite psylocke sets up that you’re talking about?


Bootknocka, after reading ur posts I’m not sure what you mean about the resets and infinites… Strider’s only infinite is on Sentinel, although i think there might be a jugz one in the corner. And Thanos’ bubble doesnt reset combo damage.


i’m going to confirm this , i’ll have to get back to you


I dunno, I think Sent/Strider/Doom and Storm/Strider/Doom are top two. Crazy, cuz i never tried strider/cyke/doom…only strider/doom/cyke. And yes, cykes AAA makes a world of difference when fighting Sent and Mags when you hvae doom on point. But as far as strider is concerned, he has enough offense to keep Sent. off him. If all else fails pushblock a stomp then orbs, or pushblock, throw flocks of birds, then orbs, to gain the momentum again. The point is Strider has enough tools to keep Sentinel on his heels pretty well. So starting with a good meter-building character is a stronger strat IMO.

As far as theory teams. I used to experiment with strider/storm/sent cuz if you have orbs on and opponent is blocking, you can to call for storms projectile assist and right when she appears on the screen hit them with a jumping lk. Since they’ll be blocking low it’ll open them up, the typhoon will combo, and if you time it right, when strider lands on the other side of them you can continue the combo with whatever you want. And of course if strider gets taken out Storm/Sent is still a strong duo.


Cyke is already a good battery. He can already battery faster than a runaway storm. Cyke/Doom has plenty of options against almost any match. you can also get a full combo’s worth of chip damage.