Some new stuff

I’m linking my other pic, since at 500 pixels it looks way too small. Anyways, C+C welcome as always. Let me know what you think.


Excellent linework and details as usual Hanzou… long time no post man…good to see you around.:slight_smile:

Holy shitballs!

That’s the coolest. Last Samurai inspired? Haven’t seen that movie yet but everbody seems to like it. Great work and yes, it is good to see you back again. Keep on bringing the thunder.

nice inkwork as usual, Hanzou… I never realized until now, but you have a touch of John Romita Jr in your style :slight_smile:

you works are better inked than his, though… I don’t think he uses enough masses of black in his work.

good pic,

Thanks for all the comments guys, they’re much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Good stuff as usual. I would like to see more facial structure and more value in the shading. Right now i would say your bodies are worked better in lighting than your faces which is kind of inconsistent.

Ink works is really good. Overall good job hanz. When the heck are you ever on cvs2 on xbox?

Those are beautiful inks. Really great stuff. I just have a little problem with that woman’s eyes in the picture in the link…