Some newbie Akuma questions

Hey guys I’ve been playing 3s actively for probably about 8-9 months now and I would consider my Akuma to be at a beginning competitive state. I don’t have many people to talk to for tips and such, so forgive me if these questions seem a bit noobish.

I have a hard time with dive kick, at least comboing it. I use the demon flip to go into it pretty much everything so it makes it kind of hard to hit it low enough sometimes. Do you guys use the demon flip for it too?

Also it seems to me that sa1 is pretty much the best and most used sa. Are the other two worth using much? Ever since I learned the, lk tetsu etc. combo I’ve never felt the need to use sa2 or 3 anymore.

I was reading about the ‘Tiger Knee Fireball’ in the CVS2 faq and was wondering if you guys used that in this game much? I’ve never seen any Akuma players for any game really use that move much, and its really hard to do. Is it worth learning?

Lastly, this question is really embarassing, but I don’t know where else to learn it. What exactly are kara shrkns and throws and whatever else? What makes it different from normal moves, and how do you do them?

Thanks in advance. This forum is really great and I love reading all this in depth info about Akuma, but I feel like I should get some of this foundation knowledge before I start working on my advanced game hehe. W31C0M3%)

Lol, that should be the standard answer to all newbie questions :rofl:

oh haha thanks a lot!