Some noob GG questions

I got GGXX Reloaded (i think? It’s the PSP one). Anyway, I just have some basic questions.

  1. How are you supposed to land a Dust Attack? it’s slow as hell. Plus what kind of combo should you use in a Dust Attack? I just press random jabs and fierces.
  2. Should you go for big comboes or just stick with fierces? I heard that the damage scaling is 7 hits so that if you do too many hits you lose a lot of damage.
  3. I’m just using Sol Badguy right now (he seems noob friendly) but I was wondering who are the top tiers in this game?
  4. What about that attack where you press all the buttons and it’s a 1 hit KO? Is it used often in matches or just ignored?

1.A dust attack is a universal overhead attack, so if you throw it every once in a while, you can catch someone by surprise. There aren’t any guaranteed ways to do it except for like one or two exceptions, but they’re not worth noting.
2.It really counts on the character, but basically the equation is “land a bunch of strong hits before the scaling kicks in, then do the finish of the combo, repeat.” I made it sound really basic, but you’d be better off watching match vids for #Reload (if you can find some, Slash vids have taken priority) to get better ideas.
3.Eddie’s at the top, Jam and Slayer follow behind. The very bottom is Chipp, Anji, May, and Zappa. This game lets you use everyone though at a competetive level, but Eddie’s a pretty hard matchup overall.
4.Instant kills aren’t practical except for in a few occasions, since you can’t combo into them and they take away your meter if you miss, which is extremely vital in this game’s play. I wouldn’t worry about them.

You should go through sites like or and post questions in those forums, you can probably get a better understanding of the game if you need it.

Fucking jam with her bullshit dust…

Most dust are veeery slow. Even the quickest ones in the game takes 20+ starting frames. So if the opponent anticipates it, they could do some nasty things like counter/grab/gold bursts. And they all have significant recovery frames as well, so you can be easily punished after a blocked dust.

So like kenmasters said, you should only throw it out occasionally as overhead mix-up during pressures and okizeme.

It’s ggxx but still pretty handy. Everything depends on your character. With potemkin, you just basically worry about getting in and landing throw all day. With Millia, you think about nasty wakeups and juggles all day (launch, frc disck, mixup, launch repeat)

If you need a good dust man, I think Ky’s your guy. I think he has the fastest dust in the game(I can’t recall)

Actually, I think Jam had the fastest dust, tied with like someone elses (slayers?)

Ky has the fastest. Jam’s is slower, but alot of people mistake it for a punch of some sort.

Ky does have the fastest dust but Jam has the best dust (its hard to see coming).

I belive ky and sol both have the fastest dont they??? They are tied or something… But whatever in slash kys is slower but less punishable hrmmm whatever popo

kenmasterx i disagree with your bottom tier opinion

Well, it doesn’t matter as much in this game, just play who you want.

I find out tier lists just to know, but I don’t take them too seriously minus the top tiers, and only to find out who I’ll probably be facing the most. Just don’t be paranoid like Clayton and think Ky’s low tier all the time.

Anyways, in GGXX here’s the D execution time for each character.

Zappa 12 (wtf?)
Ky 22
Slayer 22
Sol 22
Jam 23
Anji 25
May 25
I-No 25
Johnny 26
Faust 26
Millia 27
Eddie 28
Bridget 28
Pot 29
Dizzy 29
Chipp 29
Axl 29
Baiken 29
Testament 29

So yeah, I’m not sure how much it’s changed in #r and /, maybe a bit, but at most not much. I’m blown away by the Zappa dust number, maybe it’s her HS which is 22 and they just switched them on the site, but even so a 12i HS is pretty nuts. But oh well, zappa needs all he can get.

The important thing, is that dust isn’t really all that important for most characters (sol and a few combo fiends are the exception) and even then, it’s just a smaller part of the mixup, it’s not even close to being as common as UOH is in 3s.

Zappa’s 12 frame dust is his godly dust when he’s got the big ghost out. Yeah its crazy, but if you get the big ghost out you should win anyway. His normal dust isn’t particularly fast.

Okay so why are those characters top tier? What do they have that’s so good and what should be abused (if there is anything to be abused)?

I haven’t touched GG in a long while, but from how I understand it,

Eddie: Eddie + Spike = godly pressure/offence game. I think it revolves around timing your eddies, your B&B chain and spikes to just keep your opponent guessing nonstop. Also he has that gay ass throw.

Sol: Dust loop and 101 ways to land it.

Slayer: easiest damage in the game. + Bite loop. + gay dash.

Jam has the best mixup in the game, multiple ways to set it up, and good damage for the effort.
How to play Sol
How to play Slayer
How to play Jam

oh for fucks sake how to play everybody:

Thanks for the links.

BTW: is the new , with different format and retarded mods:looney:

Just visited Dustloop and it’s info is way more recent and better than my links. Props for that.

what’s a dust loop?