Some noob questions about dual modding a PS3 TE Stick

I read through 20 pages last night and used the search as well but I couldn’t really find anything informative.

Whats the best way to do it? With a 360 fight pad PCB? I read about other boards (chimp etc) but am I right in thinking they only work with a 360 stick?

I only really need the bits to do it as I have two who could do it, but one’s a 4 hour drive away and the other is saying I’d lose the two end button functionality and it would be a longer job.

Sorry if this has been asked before but the info on dual modding a ps3 stick is a bit hazy for me. It seems a lot easier on a 360 stick. I’d trade but being from england it’s pretty hard. I dont even know anyone else who plays street fighter!

Your best option would be a genuine 360 pcb since its common ground. The Chimp PCBs are for those who want mod their 360 stick to play on PS3s. If you want to scrap the PCB thats already in your TE stick and replace it with the Chimp, that’d be fine I guess, but I wouldn’t really recommend it. You’d be shelling out more money on the Chimp and a 360 PCB.

Does Genuine mean the one from Microsoft?
Because those are not Common Ground.

The Triggers have a Common Ground.
But the rest has a Common Line; Power.

A real Common Ground PCB would be the Mad Catz SFIV FightPad and #4716 and Retro Stick.

Hi first post here. Nice to meet u all! OK, my question is for JDM714. You mentioned the Madcatz Fightpad. Would it still have to be the 360 version or, does it not matter? I Think i knife the answer already but hoping to be proven wrong lol! Anyways, i just recently started to play sf again; online and the familiar feeling of someone coming sliding a quarter where you’re playing rushed up as soon as i saw the “Here comes some new…”, and now I’m hooked and feel young again haha! But yes, now that i have ssf4ae on both ps3, and 360, dual modding my the would be just fantastic lol. Sorry if this is way late lol, i always been a late bloomer lol,

If you’re dual modding a PS3 stick, then yes.