Some of my doodles

No sketch pads left and my brother is shipping my Wacom back to me so I was stuck with lined paper. Anyway…

and this one for fun…

I can see now that I need work in a ton of areas. I’ve neglected my art for too long. Going to try to draw for a bit every night now just to get some skills :slight_smile:

EDIT: took some down due to nudity.

you’ve got an interesting style. i like it. :smiley: keep up the good work dude. ^^; i should prbly start doing the same

Pretty cool, the first couple look like ben 10 aliens.:tup: I need to continue drawing too but I have a lot of material to cover first before wanting putting something up.

Looking good. Might wanna get rid of em boobies and nudies. They’ll get you banned on SRK

aww crap. totally wasn’t thinking about that. thanks for the heads up munta.