Some of my gals n what not





There are some others I would like to put up but the files are too big. Can someone help me out? I think it has something to do with the colors.


shade that shit Down!

was up foolce! Nice work man,I recocnize The swim suit girl,You drew it at my house one day.And of course Maria Maria.I like the new shit too,asian bomshell turned out nice.I’ll be home soon if you wanna draw some shit.Post more bomb ass pics.Peace smokin jo.


some of them are bicely rendered. the pics are skewed. u should take more time in a pre sketch or whatever to make sure things are a-ok.

Thanks Jo, and C. Klakluu or whatever fuck u man. (cheese)
I hate peoples wack ass negative responses to shit. Its getting old man. People put up shit for others to simply view it,not degrade it or give pointers. These are not master pieces but just shit I draw that takes about 30 minutes of my time when I’m not playing 3s. Just look at it and move on like everyone else did u…u…pointer giver.


Wow. Kick ASS!

The 3rd one is the best.

mina de itsuka desu ka?

I understand the wow kick ass, but the Spanish and the Japanese I dont get.:lol:

Klak’s right, you gotta do more planning. You seem to have a good eye for detail, but you gotta work on some of your basics. It appears like you are drawing out the details, feature by feature, shape by shape, rather than planning an overall piece, and then defining details afterward. You need to consider form when you draw, not just shape (form=3-D shape=2-D) You have to imagine that what you are drawing could actually exist in a three dimensional world, and then translate that into two dimensions. That way, you can feel the contours more, you can more readily answer questions like “How do the eyes fit into the eye sockets?” “How does the nose curve down into the lips, and how to they lips curve down to the chin?” You get the idea. :slight_smile:

Its wierd cause when I draw a pic, I start with something unorthadox like an eyebrow or the white gleam in the eye and work around it. I just hate making a outline first. Thats taking it too serious to me. Whats wrong with shit being a lil off? Thats what makes us human, inperfections. I wanna stay pretty basic and see how far I can go with it. I just put stuff up so people know I can draw thats all. Not trying to surpass the perfect guys like Rook,Grappler,and SfMC,and at times MR 12. I take that back about the Klak guy I just hate shit like that cause trust I’m a perfectionist so I notice my mistakes but dont care enough to fix them. Unless its Streetfighter.:lol:


nande kimi tachi wa nihongo de hanasu no?

blood urien san wa nihongo hanasukoto ga dekinai deshou!

boku wa totemo yoparai desu, hakisaou! FF Xi wa saikou!

Baki, shut up foo!

WHere have u been?
that’s the only phrase i know in japanese.

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