Some of my Vector Stuff


Been messing around with vectors lately its kind of addicting, thought id share some of my work still new at it =]

Due to the size of some of my vectors, I hope you guys dont mind if they are directed to them through my Deviant art well here it goes

if you know a better way for me to show them here through thumbnails im all ears =]

Some Vectors are big! They all have transparent backgrounds. so you Can use them for sig work i dont mind.

From my Deviant art page found at:

Bang from Blazblue -

Flying mario -

R.Mika From Street Fighter -

Sephiroth From FF7 -

Felicia from Darkstalkers -

Leona from King of Fighters -

Vash the Stampede -

More to come!




Awesome. I’d love to see more of these. Especially the Bleach ones like on your deviantART pages.


These are really nice.
Hope to see more.


:tup: Great Job! You use a tablet to make these?


Very cool vectors, i especially like the one of Bang.