Some one please tell me if this is cheap or not


Falco’s Laser is the equivalent. He can shoot lasers at you forever and be safe doing so.


He is playing with friends so there is no need to play like a tourney ***. Do you use advanced focus cancel combos on your little brother? IF you do you’re a bitch. No offense.


I would like my little brother to one day become a proficient player and someone I can proudly play against, without any sandbagging or pulling my punches. So yes.

If I wanted to coddle someone I’d buy a cat


Tough love D:


He’s playing with friends, but it sounds like he’s competitve and wants to win. A friend can’t beat a tactic so I shouldn’t use it so we can take turns beating eachother, slowly but surely degrading in skill as a sign of true friendship? Should you handicap yourself if you’re playing your friends just to maintain ‘politeness’? Should you sand bag wins to make eachother feel good about the skills you think you’re developing? If you do, you’re a scrub ass bitch…offense.


You stood there…and let him tiger shot you…FOR THAT MUCH CHIP DAMAGE!!!

Didn’t you even think for a moment to jump over for a hit/crossup or focus absorb it?

To Akumanator, do I use advanced combos on…well, my friends who are slightly new to the game because I don’t have siblings but it’s practically the same concept? Yes.
Why? People are going to do it online anyway so it’s better to get them started from the getgo so they can learn how the hell it works and can plan accordingly and maybe start learning themselves.

I consider people who rinse the same single move over and over to be spammy, but I sit there and laugh going “Is there anything else you can do?” and rinse a combo on them until they learn to stop it. But in your case, there were plenty of things you could’ve done.


wow you guys are asses hes just asking a question…GOD


Don`t play Captain save-a-hoe.


You may think that’s cheap but everyone knows you’re free.

And look at this guy

What a scrub, “Tanks in RTS are for bitches, you should onlyl use infantry instead” “3 pointers and bank shots in basketball are for bitches” “Moving your rook full board in chess is for bitches”


WOW this thread fails on both ends, guess i’ll link this again


For real, the mentality on SRK is do what works to win. We don’t believe in “cheap” when it comes to getting that w. If you don’t agree with that you should change your mind or post somewhere else.

To beat tiger shots you gotta jump over them, or focus dash through them or something. It also depends on your character for what all your options are. If you ask a more useful, specific question I’m sure tons of people will be glad to help you.


So I’m a scrub because I think its lame? I didn’t say he shouldn’t do it I know its just a fact of life and thats how he’s supposed to be played. It isn’t fun for me and thats all there is to it.

Also to all the people who impose their tourny mindset to their friends in casuals, you’re just as bad as the people who think those moves are cheap. You probably don’t play with many people offline if you PLAY 2 WIN using only your main and never experimenting.


Not true.

Oh my god I haven’t heard anyone use the term “Tourny ***” for so long. You’re clearly worse than the OP. I fucking HATE that term.


Does it seem weird to anyone else that the only things people complain about as being cheap in Street Fighter are lp+lk (or toward/back+fierce/roundhouse etc) and qcf+p/k and holding down-back? Why is that? They’re not even linked, they’re opposites. I’ve played people who in the same single match complain about me crouch blocking too much and also me throwing them out of their crouch blocking, and I’ve seen people complain about people cornering the opponent with fireballs and turtling with fireballs. I mean what’s the thinking? And why isn’t anyone complaining about dragon punches or jump+fierce or down+medium kick? Why pick those particular three things to be upset about?

I don’t know, man. I don’t get it.


Nobody would complain about their #1 tool.

And I still can’t stress how much I hate the term Tourny ***.


holy shit… thread is over after this


The Seth Killian post should have cleared everything up. If he’s playing SFIV just for fun then there is no point in continuing the discussion.


if you dont play your best how are you or your little brother gonna get better?

you dont get better by sandbagging you f*cken scrub


Akumanator: I do see what you’re saying. You never said that he shouldn’t use Tiger Shot, but at the same time you considered the Sagat player a “bitch” for doing so. That’s essentially calling a Ken player a “bitch” for using his shoryuken when you try to jump in. So, what if he did it over and over again. OP should learn how to react to getting fireball spammed.

Regarding the topic of friends sandbagging and pulling punches:

I have a friend who is the best out of all of us. If anything he coaches us to make us better players by telling us why we’re losing. But he never pulls his punches. He is always doing something that makes us think about what we’re doing. If we do the same failing tactic to beat him, he will repeat his counter until we finally realize that’s not working.

So I think that as a friend you shouldn’t be pulling punches, you can only hope that your friend who is losing tries to figure out why he’s losing. And when he does, give him a hand.


It’s cheap in the sense that I wouldn’t do it to my GF because she’ll never learn to overcome it because she doesn’t even know which moves allow you to counter it. So if you guys rarely play and are just playing to button mash ans see the flashing lights then maybe it is “cheap” as far as your playing level is concerned.

But, if you both own the game and often compete with each other then you clearly should be trying to learn the skills to overcome his technique. Considering you took the time to create an account here I’m going to guess this isn’t the first time you’ve played SF and thus you are a scrub for calling it cheap.

When I play Tekken with my GF she throws like a motherfucker and I pretty much have to play all matches as “punch when you’re not countering throws” which can get unfun if we’re playing to relax or kill time. In those instance I have asked her to please stop throwing me so much but, I don’t blame her for my inability to appropriately counter throws. When we’re playing for fun, doing something over and over that I clearly cannot counter until I practice more is a lot like stealing candy from a baby.

When we play in a competative sense I know that if I were a better Tekken player her one trick would be useless and that is what situation you appear to be in.