Some option selects I found


I initially posted this in the ken forum, but quickly realised the wider uses for this option select.

Shotos and Dudley:
If you crouch tech you get cr lp, however if you delay the cr lp in the crouch tech and press cr lk first then I a split second later cr lp (as though you were karaing it), you’ll get cr lk come out instead. The good thing about this is that it will still tech throws and it has less chance of being parried then cr lp. If you add another cr lk onto the end you get short short. Meaning you get a short short confirm that techs throws lol. You could obviously do this with short jab short and short short short too.

If you do the an ex oroshi but press lk before the 2 punch buttons, (the lk should not come out), you’ll get a ex oroshi that techs throws. I’m not sure exactly how useful this is since she has instant air ex tsurugis but whatever. You could however also make a hayate that techs throws by adding a lk before you press lp (again the lk should not come out).

Using the shoto os at the top you can add a mantis slash so you get a throw tech aswell. Useful if you;re too close for cr mk and want to go for a slash but fear getting thrown. Nica already explained the zenpo os so I won’t bother.

When you go for a 360, do the motion that press lk then a split second later lp (lk or lp should not come out). If done right his 360 grabs comes out, but it will now tech throws too.

If you want to go for cr lk elbow slash, but are afraid of getting thrown, do the cr lk os at the top followed by your elbow slash. It will now tech throws aswell. As with hugo, you can add a throw tech to his command grab in the same fashion as hugo.

I don’t know how practical this is since I don’t know how many people do cr lk x shoulder x aegis, but if you do use that but are afraid of them throwing you, then do the cr lk os the same as you would with a shoto but add a shoulder on the end.

Can’t really think of anymore practical ones atm. If you can, feel free to post them.


I like how its basically the same option select just for every character that you mentioned, good shit tho


Admitidly it is, but I’m just trying to get people thinking about the ways it can be used.


If you tap Down and press LP+LK you won’t get c.LP. If you hold Down, you will get c.LP. Delaying the c.LP doesn’t help the issue.

Alex’s QCF+LP+LK tech throw OS only works when you were thrown first. Your character has few frames to tech opponent’s throw. Also, you must not get thrown while doing LP Slash.


That’s because you’re pressing lp+lk at the same time, I already stated very clearly that you press lk then lp instead (as though it were a kara). I know it works, because there are pro’s who I recently discovered use this very same technique, K.O. for example (lp kara’d with lk so that you get a st lk that tech’s throws, obviously used to combo into mantis slashes if they don’t throw).


You can also Highjump cancel special moves (and probably super) to basically make them unthrowable, btw.

There’s some weird stuff I’ve seen TM do with it vs Yun where Yun was still in the air and apparently there was a throw tech.

If I’m not mistaken, button priority is pretty much sf4 button priority. So you can do a CMP crouch tech/ throw/ whack-version-of-sggk thing with a shoto.
Hm, welp, there’s a Ryu OS there. Tap d/f+ hp~lp+lk. Though I really doubt it being able to kara. Mk would probably work better/ be safer. I’ve been attempting to do something with fw mp sggk wise but the options I get are overhead/ karathrow, which would be most useful I guess in a meaty wakeup situation in SA1.


No that’s when yun’s command grab techs tm’s grab


If Yun or Yang late-tech Q’s grab attempt, they will actually be in the air when teching, hence those occasional moments where they look like they’re air-parrying Q’s grab.




Yet another way Q is really weird.
IF you haven’t noticed yet, he also been creeping on people since Hyper Fighting.

-.- got this from a thread by billykane. I’ve dug it up before, but I can’t find it now; it may have been lost in the recent reformatting of the site.

A player cannot throw someone in a jumping state unless the throw in question is an air throw. High jump’s pre jump frames can be cancelled into any special move (afaik, should be tested.). Thus, the special move can avoid throws- at least for the frames of the hjc, if not more.

Here is an example by letbloodrun:

As you can see, by performing Flash-Chop as an HJC special move, Alex avoids being command-thrown by Yun.

A player would be wise to take note of frame data when doing this, though, as the whiffed throw would need a recovery period that long enough for a move to reach its active frames and punish it. Non command throws seem to universally enter active frames at i2f and have a visibly shorter- though still punishable- whiff animation.


^ i2f startup
will edit once freakin forum stops acting up on me.


I think what ESN means is that only the frames before the actual move are unthrowable. The special move itself is most definitely throwable.

I think most here have seen Ryan’s video. I can’t find the video right now, but there’s one of a Dudley player doing a hjc ex MGB 2/3 in an actual match to avoid each throw.


since were talking crouch tech OS, I remember a very situational one my boy thought of as Gouki against Dudley if you expect throw or short swing blow (maybe after an empty jump?)

crouching(lp+lk) x 2, fwd, lk, fp

obviously what happens here is you tech the throw, or catch ssb with demon. whats nice is if your demon input is slow, the low jab stops the ssb

I’ve never used it but always thought it would look dope in a match


I know. But this is exactly what Telesniper said.
Your first assumption is wrong even though i’m pretty sure you got the right idea.


0:43 et 1:08


Awesome, thanks for finding that for me. I’m kinda lazy like that.


Sorry, I didn’t originally know what you meant. I just tested it again with tool-assistance to know for sure, and it works. You hold Down, and press c.LK, delay, c.LK+LP or c.LP, delay, c.LK+c.LP. The trick is that you have to be thrown before your c.LK or c.LP comes out. By inputting LP+LK then, you tech opponent’s throw because there’s timing of few frames where you can tech throw after you were being thrown.

BTW, you can use any move for this, as long as you were thrown before it comes out. Also, you don’t need to use kara timing (1 frame) for tech throw to work.