Some Playoff2k2 results from Rochester, NY

All I have to say is Playoff2K2 was not well organized. It had alot of backing from companies around the area and they did give away a couple Gamecubes and what not, they only had a couple XBox’s. Anyways the list of games was not that phenomenal and the only SF type related game that was represented was MVC2 which I don’t play so I didn’t really get all the results. They cut CVS2 out of the roster cause they didn’t think people played it but mad people were looking for it. Gay status. The brackets were poorly done so you’ll have to forgive me cause I wasn’t a part of the tourney arrangment. The people who ran it didn’t have a clue how to run a tourney and even admitted it :bluu:
Here’s a very short results list:


1st - Dan (I don’t know his last name I just met him a couple days ago)

2nd - Wilson (don’t know his last name either)

Tekken Tag

1st - Quang Nguyen - Trophy and X-Box
2nd - Lan Nam - Trophy
3rd - Will Knight (aka Will Gotti) - DIDN’T GET SHIT (only first and second got prizes)
4th - Kevin Travers

I can comment on these matches. It had about 30ish-40 participants. Sucked cause it was on pads and I can’t play on pads for shit but I did pretty well for playing at less than half my potential cause they said they would have joysticks and they had pads. I didn’t have a stick but ah it was all good I guess. This Tekken Tag tourney was ran like shit cause they didn’t have brackets they made them as we went, that’s part of the piss poor planning I was talking about earlier. Anyways enough whining a little recap of some of the matches.

The tourney was console and single elimination and after the first round of play it was turned into 1 match from second round on. These tourney people made rules as they went. :wtf: Fuck man. So that means every final four player, myself and the other three went undefeated until semis 5-0 each. Semis on was best out of 3. We played at about the same time so I couldn’t watch Lan and Kevins match, so I can’t give any details. Lan played Kevin and the final score was 2-1 Lan. I played Quang in the semis and it ended up down to the wire 1 all. Last round my ass got fucked up. Period. Too many mistakes in the deciding round. This was said to be one of the best matches. My non pad playing skills came up and slapped me in the face at the wrong time right during semis when I needed it the most. I could have had a shot at a free X-Box in the finals :frowning: Anyways final score was 2-1 Quang.
In the finals Quang took Lan out 2-0. Quang went on to play the winner from the VF4 tourney for the X-Box my bud Bobby aka Bluemace. Fucked up thing is Bluemace doesn’t play Tekken much, I don’t even think he plays at all, so this shows how poorly the tourney was thought out when it came to giving away prizes. Anyways Quang sweep Bobby and won the X-Box.

:mad: I buckled under the pressure and lost to a terrible Fox player in Smash Melee. I wasn’t completely focused after running around trying to avoid being disqualified in all the tourneys since they were not really using the PA system. I was playing VF4 and got to the finals, then I found out that the other tournaments started, yet nobody told me this! I finally registered for MvC2 and Smash Melee, but then I got disqualified from MvC2 while I was playing Smash Melee!! They just wrote me off like that! I even explained to them I was in another tourney and I just got eliminated w/o even playing a single match in MvC2! Sad part is that I was doing fine with Strider/Doom before any of the tourneys started.

I don’t know about MvC2, but I heard people were playing around with the damage settings and the time was set to infinite. :eek: Sad part is that the judges running the tourney didn’t care that people were doing this.

Smash Melee was a mess. First of all, the tourney was supposed to be 3 man stock. After like people were playing for 25 minutes since nobody wanted to kill one another, the judges got pissed off since everyone was running away and they just changed the rules so it was 1 minute melee.

There was no losers bracket, so if you lost…you are gone!! With this kind of pressure, a lot of people that were doing fine before the tourney just seemed to be playing like total crap!! It was rather depressing since people that I think were good got eliminated in the first round of the tourney!! I made it to semi-finals and I just used all the wrong moves on Fox. I used Luigi throughout the entire tourney and was doing well…before I got disqualified from MvC2 and found out about the nasty surprise…regarding the fact I had to play Tekken Tag in order to win a console. I got a 1st place trophy for VF4 only using Jacky. I was expecting a good prize, till I found out I would only get the console if I beat the guy from the Tekken tourney!

Okey dokey…this is how they did it. They flipped a coin and asked me to pick a side and the game I wanted to play. I picked heads for VF4. They flipped a penny and it was tails. I just basically wanted to cry at this point because I don’t know how to play Tekken Tag!! :sad: My opponent was also in a loss of words because he felt bad about having to play someone who doesn’t know how to play the game. I basically died to 10-hit string combos and I was able to poke him out of it using some punch ( don’t know if it was left or right punch while ducking ), but I didn’t know what to do after this!! I did get lucky and got in that Phoenix Smasher or…whatever that move is which is half-circle forward and left punch and that hit as a counter for like 70% damage! :eek: After that, I just died. It was only one match too.

All I got for this was a trophy and NFL2K2 for the PS2. Sad part is that I don’t own any of the next gen systems. I just use Asiankid DD’s PS2 since Wilson ( Asiankid DD ) owns all the major console systems. I guess this game is going up on Ebay and hope I can get $30 or something for it, which I doubt since NFL 2003 just came out. :mad:

By the way, 1st place for MvC2 and Smash Melee was some slow computers. Dan ( Hyrulian Hero ) got a P2 233 Mhz PC with 32 Megs of Ram!!! Melee winner got a P1 133 Mhz PC! :eek:

I’m definitely not gonna participate in any more Playoff events. I’ll stick with the EGS Xodus event. Xodus was so good it got Justin Wong and X-cutioner up here!! I’ll wait for the next Xodus which will be in February 2003. At least we run the Xodus events like your typical tournaments using brackets and stuff.

wow… kinda makes me glad i wasn’t there.

Well organized it was not.

But, I did walk away your Western New York Dead Or Alive 3 Champion!:cool:

The brackets(if there were any in the MVC2 tourney) were basilcally cut to sigle elimination due to the amount of time consumed by the rampant theft going on. Thats right, theft. Some 8 yr. old kid got his memory cards stolen because he was kind enuff to let the dis-organizers use them to load his complete games off of, because they had not thought to bring any. And somebody grabbed them while they were in the hands of the dis-organizers.
There was no Tony Hawk tournament because somebody actually stole the disc, so they had to cancel the tournament.(I’m not making this up.)

I had to face off against the HALO Champ for a PS2. They flipped a coin(?), so I got to pick which game it would be. I picked DOA3, I won, the other guy had never played it before, not the most fulfilling of victories.

I did walk out with the brand new PS2, a trophy, and a free pizza. Not to bad for spending $10.:smiley:

Ayyo I had to walk out on the Counterstrike tourney after first round. Am I sorry? Hell no. Most players were newbies so it was a mess. People weren’t switching over to the opposite team after one round. Rule was if you were CT first round or whatever you had to switch over to T’s. People weren’t comprehending that. Mostly cause we had alot of newbies. There was no sound and only like 3 comps had it and I cannot play without sound. Can’t hear fucking footsteps or random fire to let me know someone is around and I’m not leet enough to play without sound. During the middle of our match they made all the players who had sound turn it off. It was still butt though so after Team 5 won our match I just got bored and left Playoff2K2 totally I was fucking hungry man. Hadn’t eaten all day.

I don’t know what to do with this this NFL 2K2 PS2 game I got. Its not a bad game, but umm…nobody around here really plays sports games. Ugh, what a stupid prize. Man, I don’t think I’m ever gonna go to a non-professional tourney ever again. It looked semi-professional due to the way they were advertising. :frown:

I feel sorry for the kid who got his memory cards swiped. He was cool. Hmm…someone did try to swipe my NFL2K2 game when he thought I wasn’t looking.

I really don’t agree with the fact I had to play someone in a game I never really played before in order to win a console. I really didn’t want the X-Box, but I could have sold it easily for cash. It all came down to the fact I lost the coin flip. :frown: I stopped playing Tekken 2 when I couldn’t figure out how to play the game since I couldn’t find anyone to sell me a Tekken FAQ ( the game came out when I was in High School…and I didn’t even know what the Internet was till I got into RIT…I ain’t joking… ) so I couldn’t get out of most of the grabs even though I did my best. I saw Tekken 3 come out while I was at RIT, but I figured I couldn’t compete with most peeps since I really never was good at Tekken. Thus, I ended up skipping Tekken Tag entirely. I wonder if I’m actually ever gonna win something big someday. This tourney was my easiest chance since I don’t have to play people who I know would tool me easily in games like MvC2, CvS2, and Smash Bros. Melee.

Bobby man Tekken 2 is when the series got big and there were tons of faqs around starting early 1995. I remember when they had previews of Tekken 2 in Gamepro around late 1994 and when it came out I just so happened to be going to MCC in late 1995 and had internet access. Alot of people didn’t really have internet access around that time frame but that’s where my humble beginnings for looking for gamefaqs started. As for Tekken 1 I had to rely on myself cause I didn’t have internet access either when it came out.
It did suck that you had to play Quang in Tekken. After you lost the coin flip I was asking the tournament promoter guy if I could take your place for you and play TTT against Quang cause I knew you didn’t play. He was like it has to be fair man champ vs. champ you didn’t win first place in TTT you got 3rd. I said I know that fucker but I don’t want to take his place totally for the X-Box just play for him and try to win it for him since he doesn’t play Tag. I was like :wtf: how is this fair and this guy is the Playoff2K2 TTT champ and Bobby doesn’t even play Tekken at all and is the VF4 Champ? He was like sorry man I see what you mean now but it’s the rules. I said change em right now like you guys have been changing the rules the whole damn tourney and let me clutch hit for Bobby. He refused. It was fucked up. Even if you had of won the toss and chose to play VF4 it still would have been fucked up. This tourney was disorganized as all hell.

ROFLMAO DOA3 Western New York Champion?? Lucky Dippy wasn’t around LOL. Not like anyone that was worth anything was playing in that tourney anyway… just like all the other tourneys. seems like all the good players knew better than to attend this hoshposh. I rarely play MvC2 in fact I have a lot of issues with it and am more in favor of CvS2… Does getting second place in that tourney mean I’m the 2nd best MvC2 player in western new york? I think not… not like I had to work for any of my wins the competition was sooo bad there and I consider myself pretty shitty at that game.

– Asiankid DD

:lol: I know what you mean. I wasn’t gonna say it but the comp was pretty much next to nil there. I wasn’t even gonna waste my time I was planning on going to EVO but too much stuff came up for me right around this time so I said fuck it I’ll check out Playoff and see if I can take Tekken Tag. Quang and lots of other people even told me afterwards that if I thought I sucked on pads he could imagine how I played on sticks. He said if I played way better on sticks than pads I would have won the tourney. Too bad Bobby you didn’t have a PS2 converter for your MAS :frowning: I would have easily rocked the tourney. He said he should have lost a couple times during our match. I couldn’t backdash, forward dash, tag cancel, do simple wgf/ewgf with mishimas, crouch dashes, nothing. Like I said I was barely playing even half my potential cause I couldn’t on pads. I wasn’t even playing my good characters and blew past 5 people undefeated. 4 of those 5 people were “supposedly” some of the best there besides the 4 of us who placed. I had the “toughest” bracket :rolleyes: Even when I did play my good characters I couldn’t do half the shit I could but still won. Plus I hadn’t actually played Tekken Tag at all in a long ass time, over a year and a half if not more. This tourney does not make me 3rd in western NY that would be bullshit cause everyone there knows that pads sucked. Plus like I said I don’t play on pads. Have another tourney on sticks and there will be different results.

Not only were the hosts incompetant… they were liars! … read the part about prizes, about joysticks, and take a look at all of the lovely prizes that all the first place winners were SUPPOSED TO BE eligable to win. That’s a pretty sweet computer huh? Funny, it doesn’t look much like the 233MHZ Pentium 2 computer that I have in the trunk of my car. :fury: But dont worry EFEntertainment, this isn’t over :evil: Now, I know that my colleagues have already expounded upon the gayness of how the prizes for first place was actually set up (how it was champ vs champ) “c’mon dude, you gotta be a gamer” - that was the exact statement out of the mouth of the promoter, how insanely, unfathomably retarded is that?! OK… so let me explain how gay MvC2 was, since that’s the game I was involved in, and frankly, dont have all time in the world to tell you guys how terrible the rest of the games were set up. When I sat down to play I noticed that all the characters weren’t unlocked :rolleyes: So… I had to find the memory card, which the guy supervising the game claimed, didn’t exist, what an idiot. Needless to say, I found it, the guy probably didn’t even know what it looked like. So we got all the characters, and I finally sat down to play, wipped out my friends joystick since I wasn’t about to play on a pad, even though they claimed they would provide joysticks. At that point, the supervisor said I couldn’t use it since it would be an unfair advantage. At this point I’d like to refer you once again to the FAQ link at the top of this post which states that you in fact CAN bring your own stick if you want. So… the tournament finally got underway, I won the first round, and was waiting around for the second, when I noticed that some of the winners from the first round were still playing. I asked the supervisor what was going on, and he said you stay till you lose… :confused: WOW!!! So, basically you get rewarded for winning by getting more chances to lose, and for the people who suck, if you avoid playing till the end then you can make it close to the last round just because there are no brackets and most people have already been eliminated. So this is what it looked like “oh, you won? ok, stay there, umm hey you, you haven’t played yet right? ok, play this guy” everything was random, people were getting called randomly to play, do you understand how rediculous this is? After most people finally realized this guy didn’t know what he was doing we got someone else to come over and RESTARTED the tournament. So I ended up eliminating the same kid twice! Now, you might be thinking, well, it sound like everything turned out ok after that… hardly. Check this out! I said, can we please play arcade mode, since everthing is default? The new guy said yea, fine. But once people discovered that once you won, you couldn’t pick a different team, they switched back to versus mode. Which wouldn’t have been that bad, except THEY WERE PLAYING WITH NO TIME AND LEVEL OOOOOONNNNNNNNEEEEEEE DAMAGE!!! I’m not making this up! It’s too crazy to make up. Anyways, so in one of the rounds my friend was using his stick so i was forced to use a dreamcast pad :bluu: Wasn’t that big of a deal cause of the competition but listen to this. I was doin run-away-storm… built up meter, did halestorm, mashed it… pause. I was like, what the heck?! The pause button was soo far away from the buttons there was no way i hit it, so i quick unpause it, finished mashing and pause again! The supervisor saw it, and disqualified me from that round! Ha Ha Ha Ha… so i tore the kid a new one since he was like “HE PAUSED HE PAUSED!” What a fag.:lame: But anyways, that’s all that I care to remember since I’ve tried so hard to forget, lol. catch yall later

Hmmm…looks at Hyrulian Hero’s trophy…then looks at my trophy Err…wait a second here. What is this??? Hyrulian Hero is the 1st place winner of Marvel Vs Capcom!! Not Marvel Vs Capcom 2! I’m the winner of “Virtual Fighter”!! Its supposed to be Virtua Fighter, not Virtual Fighter and where is the 4!!! Ugh…I guess we better hide our trophies to avoid future embarrassment from guests that visit our place.

On a funny note, the announcers for these games definitely didn’t know anything about the games they were running!!! I’m sure Will remembers Tekken Tag always being referred to as “Tekken 2” and Bloody Roar being referred as “Blood War”!! He also commented on all the blood spilling that was in “Tekken 2”. :lol: I don’t remember Tekken Tag having blood at all, but I do know there are hit sparks in the game to determine a clean hit from a counter hit!! :lol: Oh, and “Capcom Vs Marvel” must be a new game I never heard of since they said there was a tourney in it, but all I saw was MvC2! The announcer of this Playoff2k2 tourney is funnier than the announcer in Street Fighter Alpha 3! Go for broke!!


playoff2k2 wasn’t exactly what i thought it would be. The people “in charge” didn’t know how to run anything. The dance compition wasn’t exactly my idea of fun and i dont think many white gamers know how to dance. I was surprized by how many people were good at marvel vs capcom 2. I did however consider myself one of the top 5 in that game. I got knocked out in the second round however because I had to face the guy that won it.:bluu: I didn’t do well in tekken cuz i don’t know much about it and don’t really ever want to. I was surprized I beat one guy in DOA3 since i dont own an xbox and i didnt kno any moves. The dumb guy didnt give me a red star so i couldnt play in any game cube games :lame: Did i mention the dance compition didn’t really fit in? The DJ only played rap and pop none of that great loud stuff we all love like godsmack and drowning pool :lame: Quake3 I placed in sixth in my round, thats ok for me considering i had no experince in that game either but i learned i loved it. Halo I didnt win at either cuz once again i dont have the great bill gates machine. Other then that I was the only gamer their with a chicken whooper mmmmmmm burgerking. I gotta start to get better at more of the games if i wanna stand a chance maybe even buy an xbox. Alot of kewl people were there, but in the long run playoff2k2 was disappointing :lame: alas maybe next year. If anyones got info about gaming tournaments around the new york area please send me a private message.

LOL, but unfortunately bluemace forgot yet another game that the announcer jacked up. “Ok, we’re about to start the super smash brothers tourney, so everybody playing in that please… Oh, I’m sorry I guess it’s the Super Melee Brothers game, so if everyone would please gather around the… oh, what is it, my mistake, the Super Mario Smash Melee tourney is beginning shortly, please gather around the gamecube section now. Once again, everyone for the Mario Melee Smash Brothers tournament, we are beginning round one, please go to the designated area. OK, everyone playing the mario game we’re starting it, hurry up.” Once again, too crazy to make up.

:lol: Blood in Tekken Tag. That annoucer was dumb he keep calling the names of games wrong and was downright…dumb. I guess the blood shed was cause the 4 of us who ended up in the final 4, stomped the living fuck out of all the people there and went undefeated till semis when we had to play each other and someone had to get eliminated. People were all happy when I lost saying “I guess your run is over” and “Geez, finally”. Fucking scrubs. Haters. The only person in the entire tournament who beat me was Quang and it came down to the last round. He wouldn’t have even beat me if I had a fucking stick like they said they would have. Pads did me no justice. None of those fuckers could beat me but yet they were happy I lost in the semis a place they would never ever see if the comp was somewaht adequate at a REAL Tekken Tag tourney. Most if not all of the Tag participants there wouldn’t have made it out of the first round at a Tag tourney back in Seattle when Tag was played competively. These guys sucked, period. Alot of guys hadn’t seen very, very basic stuff I was doing it was pathetic. Mark my words, if we have another tag tourney on STICKS, it’s gonna be a beatdown. Put money on me. If I lose on sticks, which I wouldn’t against these guys, I’ll give you guys a dollar or something. I’m not rich :slight_smile:

As I walked up to the MvC2 section before my first match I found out that the only way to get listed in the ‘bracket’ was to just walk up behind someone sit down and wait for an opponent. Then I found out that everyone was complaining that the matches took forever… I pointed out to the new supervisor that it is probably in his best interest to turn on the clock… He looks at me funny… I tell him … look there’s a big infinity symbol where the clock should be… He’s all Oh… how do we fix that… I’m all Options. finally they turn the clock back on… all is normal and I beat my first opponent in 25 seconds. Then I find out that the smash melee bracket has me pitted against bluemace… and leave for that… a scripted a good show because I had no interest in winning the smash tourney which the rules changed for 32876287 times… :lame:

ok CJD basically the dj competition thing was basically what Xodus had which you will see listed here on this site. EGS had one… it was kinda outta place but better than playoff… what’s up with this Playoff gets all these sponsers… all this false advertising and the event was a disgrace to tournaments everywhere… EGS advertising wasn’t all bells and whistles and was still much better as an event overall although ssbm was messed up in that event… so sad too… cuz EGS is a club at RIT and it just goes to show… if you don’t know what the heck you’re doing… you got no business trying to run no show… especially if you don’t even know what half of your events are called. keeping the prizes won at playoffs on an alter… is an embarassment to all gamers attending… I think I’m gonna throw mine out… lol…

  • Asiankid DD

Oh yea one more thing, registration was TOTAL ass. The long waiting in line cause the promoters were clueless plus the online registration. I know damn well I signed up for Tekken Tag and Counterstrike. They had me on the list for Tag but not CS and I received an email confirming my “good to go” status. I get to the lady at the desk and she says “We don’t have you down for Counterstrike”. Like I’m supposed to be like oh ok or submit and say I didn’t sign up for it when I know I did. This happened to alot of people too. They have a pre-rehearsed excuse saying that that particular game may have been capped out. :wtf: why didn’t I recieve an email saying so then? Yet another reason why I will refuse to go to another Playoff tourney for $15 motherfucking dollars :mad:

Will Gotti… Who did u used to play with in Seattle? How long will u be in rochester? I might come up either this weekend or next… haven’t been playing much tag but we can get some T4 games going… (tag is fine… I’m just rusty…)

Ugh T4? T4 is the reason why I quit playing Tekken altogether. After 8 years of obsessiveness with Tekken I quit cause of T4. I can play but haven’t practiced or played competively for a long time. I’ll be in Rochester for about a year or so. I played with SLA, MKP, Cheezy, BitchbettaLeidown, Gsuphosdown, Kain and many other Seattle people. I also travelled to Vancouver alot and Nor and Socal. I played Insanelee alot when I went down as well as many other players around the country mainly west coast. SLA and MKP were my main Tekken Tag partners for much of Tekken Tags heyday. No one plays TTT or T4 at all anymore over there in Seattle except SLA. But yea whenever you want to play is fine with me, either game.

Sorry I’m proud of my accomplishment, but wait, what did you win again?:rolleyes:

Granted, there was only a handful of skilled players competing in DOA3, but I beat them all soundly. And don’t give me no crap about it being a button masher, it was set to digital, which means VF style gameplay.

And as for the good players knowing better, what were you doing there then? This good player walked in thinking he could and walked out knowing he did. It always seems like everybody knows somebody that can beat you, but they never show up.
Till somebody shows up, I’m the champ.
Hail to the king baby. :evil: