Some pretty stupid questions about a DIY box. (buttons, drivers etc)

i am making a gift for someone, a hommade fight stick type system.

so far i have the box i made out of 308L stainless steel. i made at work.

i was reading through the stickies you guys have here, and i was wondering once you order all the buttons from the “ARCADE” setups, where do you get the driver to run them on the pc?

also is there somewhere more local i can get the parts from? or is there a commercial unit that was quality parts that will stand up to pretty good abuse?

maybe an older arcade stand thing?

i was looking at the stuff they had on display at some gaming stores and they were pretty weak feeling.

sorry for the dumbass questions, and most of the links in your stickies are broken.

Well you are going to need a PCB to hook the buttons and stick to, otherwise they won’t do much : P It sounds like you are making a stick to run with a pc. Luckily, this means you can take a pcb out of an xbox 360 controller (or get a ps3 pcb) and it will work just fine as a usb controller.