Some questions about Donovan's, Huitzil's and Pyron's appearances in Vampre Savior

These three characters were left out of the arcade version of Vampire Savior but were brought back for the PS version. I have some questions concernig their appearances in this game.

His ending in Nightwarriors is probably why he wasn’t in the arcade version of Vampire Savior. His Vampire Savior ending however, I read somewhere that it took place in one of Anita’s dreams. Is this true?

Out of the three characters, Huitzil probably is the only one who could have returned in Vampire Savior. However, what is unique about this Huitzil as he wakes up to protect the little boy (I think his name is Cecil)? Is it like the leader of all the robots or is it one that went rebel?

After reading that Demitri consumed Pyron, should I assume that his appearance in Vampire Savior doesn’t exist? Therefore does his ending happen at all?

Finally, does anyone remember Donovan’s, huitzil’s and Pyron’s midboss and final boss battle quotes? I think all three of them fought Jedah as last boss and I think Jedah tells Donovan something about Anita.

I have no idea, but I want to know also.

I think Donovan’s ending did happen, Capcom has never said if it did or if it didn’t happen. It wasn’t Anita’s dream, that’s for sure, it was either an ending that did happen or didn’t happen. I think it did happen myself, mostly because Capcom wanted to put an evil Donovan in Vampire Savior but changed their mind about it. They put evil Donovan back in the Vampire Collection game in PS2. Turns out he was just Donovan’s head on Demitri’s body, probably another reason why Capcom rejected the idea back in the day. But it’s one of those endings you can believe happened or not, it’s up to you. I still don’t feel that Donovan is supposed to be in Vampire Savior myself and he is an Easter Egg.

Pyron is dead. His appearance in Vampire Savior is just an Easter Egg.

Phobos/Huitzil on the other hand does seem like he was officially there. Other characters that were tacked on to VS later on, Aulbath/Rikuo, Sasquatch and Gallon/Talbain all seem to fit as well. The problems with Donovan and Pyron is that Pyron is dead bearing no explanation on him coming back to life or even other characters surprised that he’s back and Donovan’s ending has a big question mark floating over it, and his VS ending reveals nothing too.

All Capcom lets out about Phobos/Huitzil is that due to a malfunction he recieved new orders, to protect a child named Cecil. So he has a new story unlike Pyron and Donovan, he fits in well.

IIRC sano,

Donovan is dead, killed by Demitri whom he finally found.

Phobos is like you said, protecting a child.

The original Pyron is dead. The Pyron in D3 is stated to be another member of his race.

Really? I would say to contact Saiki with this info, but seeing as how, that seems impossible nowadays… doesn’t answer PMs or E-Mails. May I ask what’s your source for this info? It’s not in Saiki’s Darkstalkers Plot Guide nor is it in the older Darkstalkers Plot Guide Faq based on the All About Books and written in Engrish, at least the last I’ve seen of it.

You know, after looking at Donovan’s ending in Vampre Savior, with the exception of the first line that talks about Jedah being defeated, was his ending supposed to tell people who never played Nightwarriors what Donovan was all about (Playstation skipped Nightwarriors)? I don’t know Donovan’s Nightwarriors story, but it seemed really similar to what I know of his purpose in the game (to defeat all the Darkstalkers and possibly free Anita).

And the Huitzil is just a random robot, right? His Nightwarriors’ ending seemed to indicate that.

EGM used to issue little inserts for various games awhile back when they still bagged every issue and that’s where some of that comes from. The Pyron tidbit stuck with me because it was an odd explaination for his character returning.

Donovan was originally hunting Demitri (hence the title ‘Vampire’ hunter) along with Hsien-Ko (Demitri killed their mother) and his absence was explained as a result of his confrontation with him.