Some questions about Evo

I have been reading about this tourney and I have some questions:

  • Which gaming systems are used for each game? Is there any ruleset?
  • What controllers are they using in that “beast” SF3 video?
  • Is it possible to play fighting games on the Internet?

Thanks for your time :).

-dreamcasts,ps2,x box
-i believe there using mas sticks
-yes it is possible but depending on what game you wanna play. capcom vs snk is on x box live as is street fighter aniversary collection is. (when it comes out)

Which one for each game? And what about the ruleset?

Sorry for being picky :stuck_out_tongue:

go here…should answer your questions…:china:

The Saint

Thanks, but… what about ST and 3S? …very bottom tells game specific rules…also tells what systems the games are played on…3S is dreamcast ST im not too sure about tho

Uh 3s was supergun, ST was dreamcast.

It doesn’t specify anything in he rules.

What is supergun? Is there any ST version for Dreamcast? I never heard of it

It’s called Super street fighter 2 X. Arcade perfect port, but only in Japan and is somewhat rare.

ST isn’t arcade perfect on dreamcast, and a supergun is basically an arcade system that can plug into a tv. You plug the arcade game into it and it has two mas sticks that connect to it like controllers.


where can i find more information about supergun? Is it extremely hard to get one of these?