Some questions about Guile

Good stuff guys, so far the thread has been pretty good up to this point.

What with this being a strategey thread, I wanted to ask a few questions (being new to guile):

-What should I be doing with Guile? Rushing/pressuring my opponent? Should I be zoning with sonic booms? A mixture of both I presume…However I am unsure of what to do when an opponent gets close to me, any thing you guys want to mention, feel free!

-What frame disadvantage does forward/back standing lk give me? I’m very unsure of this move being safe, however I feel that it is very good because it inches Guile a little closer to the opponent, giving more opportunity to pressure/mix things up.

-What advice would you give a beginning Guile player? What things should I work on heavily? Things like advanced combos, throw set ups…or basic things like learning his anti airs, or learning how to zone properly, etc.

-When I do a meaty RC boom against my oppponent, is the boom safe from things like: wake up Dp, RC legs, etc.

I’m really new to Guile, and I see that he is a VERY advanced Character, however I do want to learn how to use him good, so any advice would be great