Some questions about RSF, and rs mind games

What input do guys normally use for RSF? Do you use MP or FP to start the dash? I use type C on my fight stick, the MP turns out to be a bit more of a piano motion, and the FP I just use my index and ring finger the whole time?

Can you really buffer the 2x qfc motion for the ultra while in dash, hit lp for stop, then all three kicks and hit the ultra? What else does this work for?

For jumpers, especially those who spam back-jump with or without kick… how close do you have to be to do a run stop leg-throw? Anyone have any luck with using presses for AA? I seem to be getting alot better with those, and if you time it just right, you can hit the back jumpers who spam kicks… just looking for confirmation.

Anyone else find viper and Vega really odd match ups?

Im pretty sure this is should be going in one of the stickys.
Check out the RSF thread for a more detailed guide on how to do the rsf, most people use lp to start the dash though but feel free to use what feels better for you.
For people who jump back, i usually let them jump they hit the corner then if they keep jumping use ultra if i have i,t or ex guac, i tend to save my legs for when they jump towards.
You can also use a late slide to catch those jumping back. For antiair normals use cr.FP its really good.
As for viper and vega, i agree they are strange matches but you should post your questions in the match ups thread.