Some Questions about Sf4 from a Technical Newbie


I’d say I’m experienced in the SF world but when ti comes to terminology and advanced combos in SF4 I’m pretty much a newbie. If someone could answer these question I’d be happy:

Do low fierce kicks always trip? It seems like that to me.

What is Gouken’s move where you do a reverse shoryuken motion and he does a pose? The kick and punch are different but I still don’t get it.

What is gouken’s move where he jumps in the air (the one where he will slide kick if you press nothing) but you press B and he poses in the air? When I do it on front of an enemy it makes a focus absorb sound but nothing else.

How come when a character is stunned sometimes there are skulls instead of little duckies?

How can I do El Fuerte’s kick input moves after the dash? It just does a kick instead of for example the spinning move. It works when I do a back dash but when I turn around after dashing back it goes back to just a kick and not the specified move.

Why is akuma’s Super/Ultra input so weird?

Is it possible to avoid it when Gouki does a Back throw then does an Ultra?

How do the teleports work, I know the SRK motion chooses the direction but whats the different between KKK and PPP?

Is it possible to somehow focus cancel without wasting two bars? I could swear this one guy playing Gouken was doing it, cancelling shoryukens to do an Ex rising hurricane… probably just my eyes.

Thanks for answering and sorry if some of these questions are noobish. :amazed:


Yes, except if they’re blocked or absorbed by focus armor. They are generally known as “sweeps.”

It’s a counter attack. Punch counters high attacks while Kick counters low attacks. EX covers all bases.

Akuma has the same move, not sure what Gouken’s version is called but we call that a demon flip. As far as I know, punch will knock down if hit, kick will dive kick (not sure if Gouken has this), doing nothing will slide for a low attack and hitting LP+LK will throw (not sure if Gouken has this either >.> Man I don’t know the Gouken match up enough lol) To perform it, it’s SRK motion with kick.

Random. In Super Street Fighter 2, they were indicators to show how long the opponent would be dizzy iirc. They serve no function now other than to reflect on old times.

I’m not so sure about El Fuerte. D:

It was his old input before in SFA. I guess Capcom wanted it to be a really secret move since it’s so power and iconic. It just stuck with the series.

I’m assuming you’re talking about Gouken, not Akuma/Gouki. You can attempt to break out of the throw by hitting LP+LK as you’re being thrown. We call that throw teching. You’ll know you have done it right if you and your opponent are separated slowly.

For Akuma, punch goes further than kick. For Dhalsim, I believe it’s a little bit different.

No. Gouken can’t even do a normal shoryuken either. Probably was your eyes.



Gouken and akuma have the same slide, dive kick, and air grab but only gouken has the weird mystery move I think…

Yeah, typo sorry.

Another type haha, its the move where he flies forward with his palm outstretched. I associate it with shoryuken since the motion is the same.

Thanks for answering what you can! Also, it would seem weird that a counter attack uses a SRK motion, it would make more sense for a half circle back or quarter circle back like Rose.


The Gouken air move you are referring to is what is known as Gouken’s “air parry”. A similar principle to the counter attack move you also mentioned, but in the air. I’m not sure if you get to attack afterwards, or whether it just absorbs the hit and carries on.

Some of Fuerte’s moves while running only work while you are running away from the opponent. Examples being the spinning throw, and the walljump.

For teleports, using dp+PPP puts you just behind your opponent. Using dp+KKK puts you just in front. For reverse DP motions, they both move you back, but possibly PPP moves you back further. I’m not sure.

It isn’t possible to focus cancel without using two bars, as far as I know, apart from C. Viper - who can cancel a Seismo into a superjump into a focus attack. Which isn’t easy.


Gen’s Crane stance c.FK doesn’t knock down but his c.LK does… not sure if there are any other exceptions.


Gouken doesn’t really need to FADC after his palm if its EX. The EX version launches them into the air and then they can follow up with his tatsu or whatever he feels like.


It works the same way as the ground version. Absorbs one hit, then hits opponent once.

You will tend to see this more commonly used as a mixup: flip -> whiffed late air parry to land directly in front of opponent.

EDIT ---- So i guess it doesn’t hit. I coulda swore… :sweat:


There is no hit after the air parry. It is simply a focus absorb in the air and that is all. He doesnt absorb then hit like his ground counter.


^He’s right.

Its best use is to do the demon flip knowing that the op is going to counter it with an AA. Hitting punch with gouken while doing the demon flip will parry it and you can sometimes find yourself in the advantage when you land.

Also, most low fearce kicks knock down on hit with only very few exceptions. Like in SFIII, Makoto’s low roundhouse was actually an AA option and her low fearce was her knock down.

As far as I know, Elf ( El Fuerte) does his grab moves with punch imputs rather than kicks. Running at them, the m.k does a high kick and the h.k does a slide. I’m still confused about his wall jump into grab or his body press.


With seth and dhalsim KKK teleports you further back, I assume it’s the same with other characters also.


This is my problem, on the move sheet it says that kicks do a move. How do I do the wall jump of those other moves I see other Fuerte players use?


That must be what happened. It just looked like he cancelled into another ex move without losing bars.


To wall jump jump towards the wall, then hit a direction away from the wall. To body slam or throw hit mp or hp at the same time as you hit away from the wall. It is in the move list you know.


Thanks for trying to help but my problem is with the Habanero back dash moves.


What HawkinsT said actually applies to your problem. When you run away from the opponent doing the habanero dashes and hit either LK or HK to jump at the back wall and then hit towards to jump off, if you hit either MP (normal body splash) or HP (grab body splash) at the same time as you jump off the wall, you will perform those body splashes. This same rule also applies even if you just wall jump normally without dashing/jumping beforehand.

Note Edit: Not sure if the timing is strict but you would probably need to mash out the HP or MP. Not an El Fuerte player, safety no longer guaranteed. D: