Some questions about SSF4:AE PC

Hi I was wondering if there are any unlockable challenge mode trials for the 4 AE characters (Evil Ryu, Oni, Yun, Yang)? Whenever I go into combo practice it says “this mode is not supported by arcade edition, temporarily switch to regular AE mode” or something like that. So does that mean these 4 characters don’t have any combo trials or are they unlockable?
Also I was wondering where I can view the unlocked cutscenes, artwork, and all that, like in vanilla SF4? Or were these completely removed in SSF4? That would be kind of weird if they removed that…
One last thing, is it possible to have that input display in combo training mode on the same screen, like in vanilla SF4? In AE for some reason they made it so if you press L-shift it goes to a different screen to see the input directions.

Its actually worse than you think. Not only there is no trials for the 4 new characters but if you play trials with any of the characters the gameplay will switch to SSF4 before the rebalancing of the AE. So whatever combos you learn from there, they might not work in the real game, always test them out in training mode. Can’t help you with your other problem tough.

Is the frame data different?


What are the trials are for then? Crapcom? :lame:

This applies to both console and pc versions.

As far as I know all the Trial combos still work in AE.
They really should have updated it to AE, and given the new characters Trials, however.

That sucks, don’t know why they don’t have any trials for the 4 new characters. Not really need for any for Oni or Evil Ryu since they’re practically identical clones of others, but Yun and Yang are completely new characters.
So are there any unlockables at all for AE? Images, cutscenes, etc? =/

Lol one of the really messed up things about AE is that you can no longer counter a missed EX move with an ultra, wtf? I was 100% sure you could land an ultra if an EX move is blocked (like Bison’s EX knee press) since they take shorter to cast but has a longer recovery time than normal special moves, but in AE I was practically jamming the buttons for an ultra, but they always end up being blocked.
And seriously Juri’s ultra has a shorter range than Zangief’s grabs, does probably the least damage in the game (congrats Seth you’re not last place anymore lol) and moves are so frigging predictable… >_>