Some Questions about the PS2 Slim

i recently bought a PS2 Slim 77007 version

i just saw on the internet about the PS2 Slim can play online straight of the box is that true?!

i play for a few hours and the top is very hot is this a big problem does it really overheat that easily like the rumors says??

how long can i still play ps2 until they stop making games for ps2 and start only making Ps3 and PSP games?? i’m a bit worried i bought the Ps2 this late… :sad:

PS2 slim is internet ready, you just hook it up to your modem and you’re ready to go. (Like getting on with an Xbox)

I’ve left my PS2slim on for hours at a time and never had any trouble. All I could say is it may help if yours is getting hot to make sure to put it someplace off the ground (if you’ve got carpet).

As for how long they’ll make PS2 games, the PS2 is in the twilight of it’s life. I really doubt you’ll see too many more PS2 games beyond this year, but hey that still gives you like five years of games to play if you haven’t played them before.

It doesn’t look like the PS2 will be supported for much longer but with all the problems with the PS3 so far who knows?

And since you are on here you must like fighting games. So unless Sony makes the PS3 truly backwards-compatible you can hold onto your PS2 knowing that no other system out there will have the kind of fighting game collection the PS2 does.

Look at how many people on here still use their Dreamcasts.

yup i guess your right! actually i bought was because i just wanted to play 3rd strike haha! that was the only reason i bought the PS2! and also knowing that only the PS2 will have Hokuto no ken makes me love he PS2 a lot more!

also about the PS3 Problems i recently saw a video about it “here it is”>[media=youtube]feTh6QWs-Xo"[/media]

explain the going online part im still not sure how to do this

so what games can i go online with?? is there still servers i can play!?

is it free?!

I’ve never gone online with my PS2, but the online play is free. Games that have online multiplayer should indicate they have that on the box.

I’m thinking, and I’m not sure, that you could take an ethernet cord and hook your modem directly up to your ps2, and get online that way. (It’s the setup I used to get online on my xbox.)

The only game I know for a fact shall be having servers go down soon are the Resident Evil: Outbreak games.

thank you i might try it out this weekend^^

As for the otherheating, I know that there are cooling fans available for it.

i don’t think that a little fan like that would really help my friend has one but it’s still really hot

:smiley: even more importantly, you play baduk/go/weiqi? :smiley:

sorry for going off-topic hehe

baduk/go/weiqi? < WTF?? dunno WTF that is= = :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

well, your picture is a joke picture about that game :slight_smile: Ancient chinese boardgame.

yup it is haha! i done this in my school many times!

it’s real funny that they even got a comic for this game :rofl:

So it’s not good? Wow.

yeah…not good

it doesn’t do much just a waste of money! i rather use a normal fan!