Some questions on genei-jin

Let’s say you activate GJ outside of a combo, and your opponent hugs the corner blocking (while crouching). How would I break this? F.Forward can hit him but thats only one hit, any help? chain is a good way to catch. if you’re talking about they just block all the time, then just hcb+kick. its a command grab. look at the geneijin thread to learn the follow ups to it.

if they’re really dumb lots of f+mk’s from a geneijin hurt pretty bad considering it resets the damage scaling every time…lol.

OH! how coodnt i think of command grab, ty i havnt played in so long i forgot about that move!

UOH > > palm

you should focus on getting used to GJ outside of a combo and rushing down with it rather than combo-ing into GJ. combo-ing into GJ is the best case scenario, and you’ll find yourself not using GJ as much as you want to if you wait for a combo > GJ.

Yeah that is exactly why I started this thread, to learn how to break through massive blocking people, lol.

While mixing with UOH and, throw some cr.lp as well. If cr.lp or hits, alternate them 1 or 2 times to confirm the hit, and follow with st.hp, shoulder (mid-screen) or f.hp (corner). Some ground GJ can be done as well.
Leave command grab when you have little time left, or to finish a round. When your opponent get smart, fake the command grab, by pressing forward, down in front of him, and hit them with mk launcher or crouching moves to launcher

Oh, since we’re here, what do you do when people start jumping backwards at your GJ pressure. Shotos and Chun-li j.hp seems to stuff most of the moves. Timed far mk and shoulder are nice, but I wanted to know more options

seems to me like a dive punch will work in most cases, and if you happen to whiff, you should be right in their face. If you have some balls, you can try to meet them in the air, maybe parry their attack, and hit them with a into etc.

normally when this happens my enemy is always blocking so i chase them with lunges and parry their counter attack and do what I usually do with GJ.

Hmm so lunges work as well. I often got kicked after a hp lunge…
If I use lp/mp lunge, they beat aerial moves?

Thanks for the tips!

well you can’t just throw out lunges in hopes to catch them. just time it right so you connect them in the beginning of their jump or at the end. most people that jump will probably throw a kick out as they are landing. They can’t keep jumping back forever w/o running into the corner ;p. Once theyre in the corner theres a ton of ways to stop jumpers, which I’m sure you guys are aware of.

Some times, character-wise (akuma), who does jump HK, crouch HK, over and over it gets pretty annoying, any way how to kill them instead of running away and starting fresh? Parrying seems pretty hard to do online, so any other suggestions

when he does, do a f+fp ^^

are you talking about playing the cpu? anyway punish the sweep with, lunge

so you guys are saying block the jumping HK, then F+HP, or block both, and lunge?

dont lunge… even if it hits, you’ll probly get punished for it, if its not perfect.

in GJ. beats everything and anything it comes in contact with, and f+hp is good for juggling people who like to spam pokes to keep u away.

good to know! I’ll start using it more often

jumping lk has the same properties for air attacks, and is good to bait reactions
it’s also a zenpou tenshin tick

Lately I’ve seen player Saru, using sweep, then dive kick to meaty mk launcher
it seems to have lots of priority as well

kara standing hp to shoulder is good to surprise too :wgrin: Standing hp beats most low attack attempts

i didn’t know this was in gj in that case do, shoulder x n since has the most reach

f+fp would have the most reach ^^