Some questions on GGXX (GGX2)

First of all, I just got GGX2 on the PS2.
It is as good as I’d heard (so far :wink: ) my favourite character for fun is Chipp and the character that I want to get really good with is Baiken, as I just love the silent skillful girls of fighting games, like Hibiki and Ibuki for example :slight_smile: .

Anyway; I have searched for Chipp stuff and couldnt really find much relevant stuff.
So, could someone just tell me how he is meant to be played, as a sort of foundation for my game. I hear he is a rushdown character and takes damage badly. :bluu:

And similar advice for Baiken would be very appreciated too.

Also, I was wondering, what are the differences between the arcade version and PS2 version?

Thanks a lot to all who help.

i believe its a direct port of the arcade version except for the addition of EX, SP (including Golds/Shadows) and the Hidden Chars with Robo-Ky, Justice, n Kliff

the only gameplay difference i heard of was some minor change to May’s air dust . . .

tragic sez:

I got to play against a human opponent earlier, I was Baiken and he was Sol…

I got my ass completely kicked, and this guy just kept leaping around and doing that flaming dragon punch type move.

I really didnt know what the hell to do; Baiken’s counters seem pretty damn pointless in the sense that with other characters you could just do more damage than that just anyway by doing regular moves.

Her mid air DP motion and slash seems pretty awkward, and her “Get over here!!” type harpoon attack is just impossible to land when your target is leaping around like its on ecstacy and speed.


The little running move seems a little pointless to me (I’m sure theres a use for it, and thats why I’m posting this all here :slight_smile: )

And then theres that little green tile stomp.
How are you meant to use that?

I am admittedly a newbie to this game, but not to fighting games in general.
I am pretty frustrated by the seeming button bashing nature of this game, though I am sure that it’s all just how things look to a newbies eyes.

So, please, just give me tips for using Baiken!!

Thanks again.

the tatami mat is a core part of baiken’s game

you do it in air and it falls on the other guy, putting some pressure on

also, when Sol wiffs a DP, rush him when he’s recovering from it
hrmm, i wish i knew more of Baiken’s game

try the GCC forum on Baiken, the guys there are smarter than me about ol’ one-eye

Yeah, meaty tatamis are great for pressuring your opponent after a knockdown. Her sweep (down + D) can be chained to her Tatami Gaeshi for a launch. Then you can follow up with an aircombo of your choice (I use j.S -> J.D, then FRC it to airdash in easily and repeat). If you bounce the opponent off of the wall with a j.D, you can FRC it, airdash in with another quick j.D, and fall to the ground while they are still in floatstun. After that, either use s.S and jumpcancel to repeat, or jump up again (with lighter characters like Bridget). You can also FRC her Tatamis for an easier follow up in the air, but it’s not neccessary unless you are extremely far away.

Also, about her guard cancels, you can use the Punch one (the hook) to launch the opponent on a counter hit. For example, when Sol does a Bandit Bringer (QCF + Hold K) or when Ky does a Greed Sever (QCB + K), just do the Punch counter to launch them. The Slash counter can be RC’d for a follow up.

But Zazz is definitely right, the GCC forum should be your place to start for info on GGXX.