Some questions regarding building a fightstick

So i decided to try to build a hitbox using this guide:
But im probably missing something, so do i need anything else?
Here is my current list:

TEK hitbox case

Neutrik feed-through

Akishop ps360+ PCB

Wires .110

Buttons 24mm x 14

Button 30mm

Male A-B USB 2.0 Cable or this one

Disconnect Terminal(what is this for?it didnt explain)

Thanks for any help!

You’re gonna need wire cutters and a soldering iron with solder.

The quick disconnects are for connecting wires to buttons. They should be soldered to stripped wire, tinned with solder.

I would suggest an RJ45 port instead since it’s more secure than a male A to male B USB port.

Is there anyway i can do this without soldering?Isnt the a to b usb port so i can connect to the computer?how would i do that with the rj45?

Doesn’t seem like you need an iron with that setup or the extra disconnect terminals since they already come attached to the wires in that kit. Looks like you need a short USB cable to connect the pcb to the Neutrik on the inside of the case.

You should definitely have some nice wire cutters and strippers though

You don’t have to solder anything, the QD’s can be crimped on with a cheap wire stripper/crimper tool. I highly recommend buying extra QD’s (more than a few, get an extra 20 or so) since those are “crush crimp” rather than roll crimp QD’s and this is your first time building. Soldering them on as RF suggested just makes damn sure that the QD doesn’t come loose.

Edit- didn’t notice that you had wires with pre-crimped QD’s on the list. Looks like those are roll crimped, which holds the wire very securely. Still not a bad idea to get some extra QD’s in case they’re needed down the line, you can’t usually find .110" connectors at Radio Shack, etc.

Would this one do?

Yes, that will work.

Ok,what are those 10 cent terminals for?do i need more than one?

You’ll need more wires than that also. Each button needs a signal and a ground, meaning you will need 30 connections (12 action/direction buttons + start/select/home). The 16 piece kit and 2 of these ground chains (you can cut off excess connections) will work, you’ll have an extra wire leftover (never a bad thing).

So this is the list as of right now,can i improve anything?anything more cost effective or something?also will i need any tools?
TEK hitbox case
Neutrik feed-through
Akishop ps360+ PCB
Wires .110 16pc kit
Buttons 24mm x14
Button 30mm
Male A-B USB 2.0 Cable(10 foot or 3 foot)
Internal usb cable(18 inch)
Ground chains x2

A wire stripper/crimper/cutter would be handy, not a must though. One like this that you can find anywhere will work for the basics:

Thanks a lot!If i were to cannibalize my xbox 360 controller pcb, would it make much of a difference in price?

If you’re prepared to padhack and already have the skills/tools needed (very soldering heavy, and easy to screw up when you’re new to it). You would also need a socd cleaner chip, which is currently out of stock at What system(s) do you plan on using this on?

I dont have any skills with this, so i guess i shouldnt try it.I only play on pc.I remember the cthulhu pcb was about 20 dollars cheaper but they vanished from focus attack.Is the ps360+ the only one that doesnt need soldering?

Toodles (the maker of the MC Cthulhu) is only selling them directly now as far as I know. You can get the MC Cthulhu (the one with screw terminals for $35) and his other products here:

I believe those two (ps360 and MC Cthulhu) are the only solder free options on the market with SOCD cleaning at the moment.

Edit: I see that he now has ps3/pc only Cthulhu models with screw terminals for $5 less ($30). So that’s an option also.

Thanks!I think i will get the cthulhu then

If you are only going to play on PC You could go with the Zero delay PCB on focus attack to save some money. That’s what I have and it works just fine.

Nevermind I just saw that you said Hitbox. I don’t think that will work. Please disreguard