Some questions


I’ve been looking to get into the fighting game scene and I have a few questions.

I have vanilla SF4, no fightstick or pad.

Should I pick up SSF4 (or is it at the end of its time?)

Is MvC3 worth getting if I have no fightstick?

Should I get a fightstick and then worry about getting a game?

Basically, a wat do thread.

  1. Yes. 2) Yes. 3) Up to you, but vanilla 4 is basically dead.


for your MVC3 question, i think the game is extremely fun to play. i started out playing MVC3 on the controller and was borderline decent… but if you’re the kind of person who gets really competitive, you might want to invest in a fight stick. ever since getting my TE fight stick, i’ve had no regrets and can’t imagine using a controller for MVC3 or SF for that matter.


@Starcade: Yes to getting SSF4 or yes to it being at the end of its time?


yes to all.


Yes, get it. It is the currently played console version.


I was just asking if I should get SSF4 because I know it’s been out a while. I didn’t want to get it if it’s already played out.


It’s only been like a year, that’s not a while.

  1. you could wait until AE if you want.
  2. most regular people play w/o a stick.
  3. if you want.