Some questions.


Just bought HD Remix, and this is one of the first times I’ve ever played it in years. That being said, I have a few questions that are probably insanely stupid:

-Are there any secret playable characters? Like Akuma or anyone?

-If so, are they playable online?

-In Arcade mode, what’s the difference between the HD Remix option and the Classic Arcade option?

-Can Cammy do Thrust Kick instantly on wakeup?

That’s all I have for now. :smokin:


Akuma - Select E Honda, then hit up and you can select Akuma. Playable everywhere. You might get frowny faces from regulars since he is normally banned.

Classic mode is the original Super Turbo game, unchanged. HD Remix adds changes to the game, like making certain moves easier to pull off (like Zangief’s SPD no longer requiring a 360 motion). The thought was that the changes would make HD Remix more balanced than Classic, so that certain characters would have a fighting chance in matchups where before they would get dominated for free.

Characters can do wakeup moves, so I would assume yes she can get thrust kick out on wakeup if timed right


Akuma is above Honda. You can’t see him on the select screen, but he’s there. He’s a pretty broken character, even after he was “toned down” in HDR, so it’s not a good look to use him online. He is banned at tournaments.

In Classic mode, you can play as the “old” versions of all characters by inputting a special code. The same goes for selecting Akuma, but the code is much more complex.

HDR Remix essentially applied a series of changes to Super Turbo. Classic mode is the original ST.

Yes, she can do all of her specials on wake-up. The reversal timing in HDR is extremely strict compared to modern games. You essentially have 1-frame to get a reversal.


Thanks guys! :tup:

I’m also looking for some people to play with every now and then. You guys up for it?


Sure! PSN or Xbla?


XBLA, my tag is “Onslaught EXE”. Just shoot me a request and I’ll probably be on either later tonight or tommorow.