Some questions...

First, what dates are the hotel discounts for? I’ve looked on the website and they seem to be the week before the tournamment and the sunday during the grand finals.

Second, if I were to somehow(by a miracle) make it to grand finals, but only have a tournament pass, would I be denied access to the alpha hall on sunday?

Finally, the website says the tournament will be held in the Bally’s event hall, but it also says “at the Paris Hotel”. Which is it? I apologize if I seem to have read a bit too deep or misunderstood the message.

  1. I believe the are for the week of the Evo event…through Monday.
  2. You should be able to have access if you make top 8 in a game…and the finals of said game happens to be on Sunday.
  3. From what I gather…The Bally’s and Paris Hotels are connected, or thy share the same event halls.

The discount is at least through the week of EVO, but the funny thing right now is that I reserved my room earlier, its cheaper if you reserve the room without the EVO discount (dunno why, its cheaper to get the room without EVO discount, even after paying for the resort fee), but it might change.

And like Geese said: Bally and Paris are Joined together, so u can go through between the two Hotel

When I called some weeks ago…Paris said that the hotel discount for Sunday was all sold out.

Yeah, I kinda call BS on that (on the hotel, not you Geese) how the heck can u run out of room for a Massive Reservation like EVO? I never heard of something like that before, that’s like Hotel run out of Superbowl special before all the rooms are full. Really? ;(

Now I am debating should I reserve my room at Paris or Bally instead (its cheaper, and its literally the same hotel)

I believe the Evo staff reserve a certain number of rooms at the special rate, and once those are gone the special rate is gone too. Pretty sure it happened last year, and I think they reserved more rooms.

The Evo Rate for Sunday has been gone for almost 2 months now. And qoqonuts is right. Evo has a certain package of rooms and once those rooms are filled, you have to use the regular rate.

Another question:

If you accidentally checked a game and meant to check another one, could you switch that to the game you wanted? I emailed mrwizard about it and he hasn’t replied for about a day or two.

you must have been in a rush to fill out that registration.

MrWizard is quite busy, you most likely have to wait another few days before getting an answer. In any case though, he is the only person who can help you out on that quandary so I suggest simply waiting.

Edit: Nevermind, 45 minutes after I posted this, Wiz added Swap a Game feature

how is this event organized as far as time is concerned? im asking because my wife wants to come, but wants to know if i’ll, be fighting and spectating all day long. Is the an approximate time frame the tournament lasts each day??

also, how many games can one participate in?

Last year, pools ran something like 8am to 8pm on Friday and Saturday with top 32 or 64 playing up until top8 from 8pm to ~12am or whenever they’re done. Your pool (and everyone else’s) will last 2 hours (ideally) and if you make it out of pools you’ll come back at 8pm to keep playing until you’re eliminated or in top 8. Top 8 was run on Sunday, different games at different times throughout the day. That didn’t get over until like 2am or something, though it wasn’t planned to last that long. Whether you stay and spectate the whole day is up to you - you only need to be there for your pools and any other matches you qualify for. You’re free to do with your time whatever you want after you’ve played your matches.

Keep in mind, the schedule for this year might be different than last year’s. I don’t think one has been officially announced yet. Also, if your wife wants to get into the main hall on Sunday, she’ll need a spectator pass. Last year they had the stream going on in an extra room for people without passes, but I’m not sure how they’re handling it this year.

I think we’re up to 9 games you can enter, not including side tournaments. Side tournaments aren’t run by Evo, and they might be run during your pool. Evo should schedule your Evo pools so that they don’t overlap with each other, but they don’t work around side tournaments. If you end up having an Evo pool at the same time as a side game tournament, make sure you check in at your Evo pool so you don’t get DQ’d. You can try to juggle your side tournament matches and Evo matches or you can try to get the side tournament TO to hold your matches for you while you play out your Evo matches. Evo judges will DQ you if you don’t show up.

And do try to show up early to your pools so you can check in with your judge. It’ll help everything move along smoothly and keep things running on time.