Some questions

  1. Is there a major difference between the karakusa strengths? I know lk gives least range, least startup and least hit-stun while hk gives most range, most startup and most hit-stun, but how much of a difference between the three does it give? I always use hk by force of habit, on rare occasions I’ll remember to use lk for quick dash-ins or after blocked moves or something. Which one is generally the best to use, and which are the best to use for specific situations?

  2. Regarding comboing SA I, what can it be connected with? Aside from I think I’ve seen mp meaty, oroshi, and lp hayate (what is the timing on this one?)

  3. Can SA II be connected with mp meaty (or any other meaty as a matter of fact)?

  4. How early can things be cancelled from lp fukiage? I think I’ve told the story of how once I saw a makoto do a lp fukiage after a karakusa, and before the opponent could retaliate she SA I’ed (provoking a huge “OOOHHHHHH!!!” from the audience, no doubt). I’ve been thinking of ways to mix this up, either after karakusa as I saw it before, or while waiting for my opponent to wake up, and cancelling it out after he gets up and throws something out, but before it hits me.

  5. Do all fukiages (minus EX) do the same amt of stun? And what are the startups and damage for each? Will they trade with jump-ins or out-prioritize them?

  6. What combos after lk/mk tsurugi hitting a standing/crouching opponent? All I know is -> mp hayate, seems like there would be more though. Also, what is the frame advantage like after lk/mk tsurugi -> dash-in? Is it worth it?

  7. What is frame advantage with on block, and what can you do with it? I’m working on “meaty” blocked into kara-oroshi, but lp doesn’t seem to work too often and I often get punished. How well does this work on hit with

  8. What sets up for kara-karakusa on a block? e.g. blocked mp on opponent wakeup will push them away, I don’t recall if this sets up or not though.

my internet connection is garbage, so i cant give the direct link, but go to then search for (or is it ‘kara-throw’?)… it has accurate frame/damage/stun data that answers a lot of these.

1- i always use lk unless it feels like i need the extra range, then i use hk.
2- lp, c.lp, mp,,, hp, lk,,, hk … hayate->sa1 is a link with a fairly small window- doing a ‘piano’ thing across all three punches usually gets it for me.
4- :wtf: i’m pretty sure that you can’t cancel a fukiage with anything except for superjump, and only if it hits?
6- i usually do,jab-hayate after a mk tsurugi if it’s deep enough
8- read the stickied faq thread

  1. stun damage is the same for all strengths of karakusa. i’ve found that lk version whiffs often when you’re trying to tick grab.
  2. standing hp and oroshi are the only two ways that you can combo sa2, as far as i know.
  3. stun damage for fukiage is 29/31/31/21. damage is 120/140/160/140. most of the time the ex version will beat non-crossup jumpins cleanly, because it ducks under, and jumpins don’t have a way to hit them. against crossups, it’ll often whiff.
  4. it’s -3, so it’s better to just do crouching lk xx oroshi.
  5. two ‘setups’ off my head- one is after a blocked forward + mp, and the other is blocked standing mp x2. i personally wouldn’t bother with the latter
  1. ex hayate

You can Kara-Karakusa off of a C.Strong if you opponent blocks it. I do HK Karakusa, just for stun damage and also because of whiffed karakusa off of ticks.