Some questions.


Hi guys, I’m struggling to use the character that fits me the best. I play Juri but I think it’s hard for mi at first. I search for a character that has the majority of this:
-Easy linking combos. (if so tell me which ones please)
-Easy or medium ways to combo into ultra. (same as above)
-Somewhat fast
-Kind of rushdown or offensive character.
-And the most important, no shotos, I really don’t like shotos or heavy fireball characters. A lot of people tell me to play ryu to learn the basics but I just hate playing shotos.

And I was playing recently and I don’t understand how throws and throw tech works. I encounter a lot of spammers just spamming throws. I was doing jumping hk with juri but if you whiff it or not whif, they just spam grab until I land and beats my attack, how I stop that?(provably not jumping in but you know what I mean lol).
Do grabs have priority over all? Because when they are knocked down, they don’t need to dragon punch,they just do a wake up throw, I want to keep preasure but I Always get thrown unitl death.
And I know that for teching a throw you have to do your throw but, you have to do it at the same time as him? Or just keep pressing throw and if they throw me I will tech it?


You’re in too close. If you’re that close and getting grabbed, you should be grabbing yourself. If that range is proving to be a challenge for you, stay out of it. Juri has those long legs for a reason; push them away with them. Juri can also store her fireball, which is a great pocket-escape in those situations and an easy way to scare players out of diving in in the first place.

Answered your own question. Ask yourself why you’re jumping in in the neutral game. If the answer is just to land a combo or even just a HK then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

Wake up grabs and wake up crouch-techs are common mixup defenses. Funnily enough, this should be one of the few times that you ARE thinking about jumping in and crossing them up, rather than standing over them, waiting on a free meal.

Roughly the same time. Not a strategy though. Don’t mash throw in the hope of miraculously teching your opponent. Throws are seldom the first thing on your opponent’s mind and, if they see you mashing throw at the first chance, they’ll just keep baiting it out of you for free shots.
Not sure if you’re aware of crouch-teching (downback+LP+LK). It gives you an easy option-select, depending on scenario, that will either push them back with the LK, or tech their throw. Safer than just hitting throw all the time.


Thanks for that detailed reply! I understand throws a bit better now, and I decided to keep using Juri, I want her to be my main really, I’m going to lose a lot but at the long run it will be worth it.


Dont forget to taunt when u win