Some questions

I have seen videos of some Dudley’s doing what it seems to be a close HK, slide forward abit, then use the corkscrew blow. Also when the opponent jumps, i have seen some Dudley players, slide under them and use a corkscrew blow on their back before they land. How do i do these stuff. I’m pretty new at using Dudley

It’s the beginning of the Dashing Straight/Upper, qcf+k. Standing Roundhouse keeps the opponent in hitstun for a long time, so if you just do RH and cancel into Dashing you can link the super on reaction to the hit. If they block, you still get to cancel the roundhouse into dashing-whatever.

The dash-under is the same, you do the qcf for Dashing then do it in the opposite direction to complete the super. Since supers are qcf, qcf, the Dashing motion counts as the first part of the super motion. But since you cross under for the first part, you have to do the second qcf in the direction of the opponent.

Hope that makes sense.


Just want to point out that it isn’t necessary to do the second qcf in the other direction, but it does allow more leniency on the super cancel. If you cancel the super from the original side, ie same direction, you have to be fast.

s.RH into duck, if blocked, you can do the following things, all fancy:

-throw tick into super, or throw, or another
-backswing blow