Some questions

Hey everyone,

I just recently bought a HRAP3 for PS3 to get ready for SF4 like a lot of people are doing.

I went to and bought a the Ps2 SF Collection for Third Strike to try and get used to the stick, and I can’t get used to it at all ! I can’t perform hadokens when I need to, and I can’t string to save my life ( I have tried 100 times to just do a basic ChunLi D+MK to Super and it seems impossible!!!)

It is not because I am rusty. I came from the arcade just yesterday before I bought the game and I performed the moves 50 times during the day when I wanted to.

  1. Why is this stick so different?

  2. Can you give me a link to a stick that is compatible with the HRAP3 PS3 so I can order it asap? ( Note- I would prefer one that isn’t a ball!)

  3. Is there better buttons out there that you can also give me an order link to for this stick? Thank you.

Sorry if it was already posted, but I am new to having my own stick and don’t know all of the lingo/terms just yet. Thank you for the help.

It uses a Sanwa stick like many found in the arcades, but the buttons are from Hori, so that might be a problem, but I doubt it since you just got the stick.

  1. It shouldn’t be so different, unless at the arcade you were using a HAPP stick or something.

  2. Hmm well you can get a sanwa stick with a battop adapter, but I’m not too knowledgeable on all that so I’ll leave that to the pros.


As for number two you can also find a stick at the sites I listed.

Anyone else with info? Ty banksters, but I am not even sure which parts on those sites are even compatible with this stick I have. Looking for more in-depth info if anyone can help.

Thank you~

That was my first guess after reading his post. Does the stick you have now feel considerably looser than what you were playing with at the arcade? Did it have a bat top instead of a ball top? Did the one at the arcade feel like an old Street Fighter 2 cabinet?

Yes, the cabinet had a “bat” top I guess (I just know it wasn’t this ball I’m struggling so bad with). My little sister could beat me with how bad I am with this stick…

I am used to playing on the MvC2 american cabinet style if that makes any sense. That is really the only game I have competitive skill in.

Looking forward to your response :smiley:

You want a HAPP stick then with HAPP buttons. I honestly don’t know if you can even put those in HRAPs without some SERIOUS modding…

Your best bet is to get an Arcade in a Box or MAS stick.

PS3 has lag when plaing BC games. That’s probably y you’re having issues and if you’re playing on an HDTV add some more lag to that as well.

I’m sorry, but BC games ?

I guess I will buy one of those on that

BC=Backwards Compatibility.

I have the same stick and too play 3s. Haven’t noticed any lag at all(on the 60gig model).

I can tell you, I was in the same boat when I first got my Hori. If you’re used to american sticks, it’s just goign to take ALOT of adjusting. The square gate is probably very new to you, and the motions are super reponsive and require less effort, more finesse. I found charge motions very easy at first, and to be honest still miss executions for quarter circles sometimes.

See if you can stick with it awhile and get used to it( you may find you like it more than HAPP over time), if not, get an entirely new stick because modding that to american parts would be a pain.

What is the best possible stick I can get with the preferences I mentioned? I am now at the point of fuck the price, I just need it ASAP.


A little off-topic, but what system are most players getting SF4 for? This will decide which Arcade-in-a-Box stick I buy, or I might just buy the mixed 360/Ps3 version.

Is there connector lag in the multi-versions?

Along with buying a new stick, I have decided to mod the HRAP3 I just got in the mail.

Here is what I am purchasing:

Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbutton x8
Sanwa OBSF-24 Pushbutton x2
Sanwa GT-Y Oct Gate

Can anyone confirm for me all of these parts are easily put in the HRAP3 without soldering/any type of cutting/etc? Thank you.

When modding the HRAP3, there isn’t any soldering/or cutting needed [you’ll do that when you want a new PCB or your old one dies out].

You’ll find all of the info that you’ll need here:

As far as modding it out, you’ll find the tools and how to guide here:

Here’s a button/stick FAQ:

The difference between Sanwa/Seimitsu and Happ is that San/Sei are balls [just like the one on your HRAP3, while Happ is a stick [which are common in American arcades].

Hope this helps.