Some questions.

hey guys,
i was going to ask this questions in the Q&A thread, but i have a bunch of question, so i think its better if i post a thread.
i used the search function but i could not find something that helps, and please forgive my english, its bad.

1.what anti-air works against zangief?i looked it up in the matchup thread, but i could not find out which anti-air does work…i lost so many matches because i was going to cr.hp his jump in, but his hp,mk and stuff like that all beat my cr.hp

2.what do you do after a crossup?usually i do a throw, but im asking for combos.
i dont really know which combo is the best after a crossup.

3.after a lvl2 focus i attack i always want to do this combo but i dont get it…i mean this one:
forward+HK -> cr.MP -> sonic boom…i just dont get it, after i do the forward+hk, i immediately charge down back,but the sonic boom just dont comes out after i do the cr.MP

4.its hard for me to to do cr.LP -> cr.MP, i nearly never get the link, anyone got a tip on this?

thanks guys!

You should have posted in the Q&A thread, its for questions, doesn’t say you have to ask them 1 at a time.

  1. c.hp,, f.hp and fk all work against Gief. It depends on the spacing and the timing. Go into training mode and record Gief doing his jumpins and experiment with the different AA options.

  2. Its always good to mix things up so throwing is good, c.lp, s.lp, s.hp is another good option.

  3. after you do your FA, dash forward, and immediately hold back. Then use back + hk, instead of (its the same move up close but now you are already charging for the SB).

  4. try plinking or double tapping.

awesome, thank you very much!

i will post it in the Q&A next time.

Also, if you are cornered by Gief, look for a back air throw

For me I use this two AA
if the Gief jumps and fly like a superman with both hand out, try c.hp,works most of time
after they figure this don’t works, Gief player like to jump in a the “K” shape kick, try FA
if you are at max of screen, standing far away, you sonic boom, they jump in, just stand and s.hp jab them

hope it works for u