Some questions


im a marvel player so air combos is my thing.
anyways i just really started playing it a week ago…bought my stick for the wii and all yada yada…

Iv beaten the game with joe frank tekkeblade…and i cant get yatterman-2 ? anyone know why?

I wish they would of made the stick 4 buttons since thats all you use.

For the people that use ryu what is your favorite assist character ?

…If anyone thinks any of the characters can play like Magneto please tell me

I know there is air dashing but no triangle jumps ?

What exactly is “baroque” ? and how do you perform this?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


I’ll try to answer as many of these as I can. In order:

  • To get yatterman 2, you have to beat arcade with Frank, Zero, Joe the Condor, and Tekkaman Blade

  • don’t use Ryu

  • Nobody in this game is broken, therefore no one plays like Magneto :stuck_out_tongue:

  • No idea on what a “triangle jump” is (never played MvC games)

  • Baroque is performed by pressing an attack button and partner button at the same time. Doing a baroque puts you back into a neutral stance allowing you to continue a combo after it should have ended (example: A B C Baroque A B C). Also, Baroque increases your attack strength by however much red life you have in your health bar. After Baroque ends, you lose the red life.


Before I start, I’m answering your questions in number order:

  1. Beat the game with Zero, Joe the Condor, Frank West, Tekkaman Blade to unlock Yatterman-2

  2. Some people like to assign the two buttons bellow the A, B, and C for things like A+B+C and Taunting. You can always buy buttons plugs if you really must have four buttons only.

  3. I don’t use Ryu in my main teams, but I know that any assist can work with him since his assist is very good for everyone else.

  4. If you like Magneto, you might like using Morrigan. Her dash is different from all of the cast, but doesn’t go in straightforward motion.

  5. Again, Morrigan’s dashes. You can also try Tekkaman Blade because his dashing is sensitive to his jumping attacks.

  6. Baroque is an attack cancel that can only be used when your character has any amount of red life on his/her health bar (activated by press any attack+partner on the hit frame of the attack). It gives a damage boost proportionate to the amount of red life sacrificed for the baroque and can extend combos. Other uses are to make unsafe and/or whiffed attacks safe and mixup potential.


okay thanks for the help guys :smiley:

im beating the game with zero now…

if i dont get yatter after this…ill be confused lol


okay thanks for the help guys :smiley:

im beating the game with zero now…

if i dont get yatter after this…ill be confused lol


WHAT?!? Ryu is strong.


I didn’t say that as in “don’t use him, he sucks”. I said it as in “I don’t use Ryu”…