Some Ranked Matches for your Critique


Hey all,

Ive been capping and editing for a short time but this is one my most recent efforts.

Tell me what you think


The only thing I would say is that you shouldn’t use that move that the hands come out of the ground besides combos and definite keep away punishes. I also noticed that you didn’t use Walking Corpse cancels too much, they are really useful. You’re captions gave me a good laugh.


Yes although I use the hands move for long distance pressure to keep someone moving and build meter at the same time I think I probably do over use
it a little (especially with meter burn) and walking corpse is definitely a tool i should use more.

Glad you found it entertaining, thanks for taking the time to reply man.


Good stuff, nice to see a Grundy in action again. May have to pick him up once more. Your AA grabs were on point, and you seemed to adjust well from what I saw. I think Rand0mG4mer hit your biggest shortcoming on the head; walking corpse is a great tool. Also, I noticed that there were a couple of trait grab links that you could have gotten to maximize your damage output.

Captions were a nice touch as well. Good luck.