Some real life Ghost in the Shell ish

Video: Creepy: Robot Looks Like A Real Woman!

This is creepy as hell…


its an actress dude

That’s an impressive robot… Damn I want!

And no, its not an actress. Just watch at 1:37 - 1:40.

Behind a firewall that blocks hippity-hoppy stuff. Mirror, please. :tup:

watch for what? nothing there any more “robotic” than anything else

also I love when people share a video thats linked to some ghetto ass hip hop site, like they’ve never heard of youtube.

That video as old as fuck… saw that shit a while ago…

Wonder how far these things have progressed now…

if i ain’t having sex with robots within 5 years, why go on living???

Look at the pupils.

that’s kind of weird.

Ah that aint GitS level…its creepy but not GitS.


It’s also old and not in the right section.