Some recent SF stuff


Hey everyone! Haven’t posted here in quite awhile, but here’s some of my recent SF artwork. Hope you enjoy it!


that balrog piece with the color halftoning is my favorite. i love how you used the flat primary colors. keep it up!




I’d change the type on the “Lord Bison Approved” because it looks real modern in comparison to the rest of the flyer (if that makes any sense). Other than that its hot.


“Officially Sanctioned by Lord Bison” might add to it (instead of the approved message).


You sir, are talented. I like them all!

You keep up the keep up.


very cool stuff. love the Balrog. keep’em comin


Thanks everyone!


Those are all awesome. You have a great stylistic touch. It’s great to see an artist have pieces that are done in different styles.

post more when you can please!

trying to draw again.


Nice! I love your stuff! You have very cool and interesting takes on the cast!


these are pretty cool. keep it up!


ahahah these are perfect


Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

My take on SF manga:



Haha, that’s great! I like how you draw more of the unpopular characters like Necro and Hugo!


yeah. i reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy like that first necro you posted. looks like it should be on a wall, spray painted


Hugo and Necro unpopular? Say it ain’t so!!!


:lol: at the Necro/'Sim pic, the Balrog solo art and the Dan plushie.

Those chibi heads are rather cute and good work on the realistic Boxer vs Dudley poster.




That Necro and Sim picture had me smiling, good stuff.