Some Rufus AE 2012 combos and interesting stuff

I make this video using the AE 2012 PC Mod:


I think that EX GT FADC is a very good way to finish rounds, not in other ways because 3 meters is too much to only make a little more damage, maybeyou can use like tanden engine, but it’s 3 meters…

They have mods for everything on PC don’t they, maybe I should get that version…

So from this it looks like the damage output isn’t great but like you say at the end of a round it can be a good punish. U2 AA is better than nothing and close target combo hitting crouched opponents is good.

Could you tell us what the damage on a cr.jab-> ex GT -> TC -> ultra & cr.jab -> ex GT ->st.hp -> hp GT is?? Becuase I feel like those would be the two that I would use most e.g Akuma Forward HK second hit whiff can be punished into ultra!! That’s pretty cool :slight_smile:

What am I looking at? Do they really plan on making these specific changes to Rufus?

the pc community make a lot of interesting mods, but to play the game i prefer xbox, here in brazil i have some problems with the pc community…

This is a pretty good punish:


cr.jab -> ex GT -> TC -> ultra = 394
c.jab -> ex GT -> hp -> hp GT = 226

Great thanks!

So regular hp -> hp GT does 220 which means this would only be useful on people close to death.
TC -> ultra does 420 ish (I think?) normally which means this scales to less dmg. However almost 400 damage off Rufus cr.jab is pretty scary.

All the Rufus haters are going to be complaining even more that he can combo into ultra from anything!!! (and they aren’t wrong i guess…)

Could you check the target combo on a few of the other characters that it would previously miss on? Does it hit all characters no matter what now?

I forgot all about this in the changelog. Cool to see it in motion

So the new EX GT buff is going to be the new EX Jesus Kick, can’t wait.

this is a mod version, the target combo hitbox is a deduction, but i think that hit in all, maybe not blanka…


So basically we get 400 damage off a cr.lp punish. cr.LP punishes:

  • Akuma: Whiffed RH.
  • Fei Long: Mis-spaced Rekkas
  • Boxer: Overhead dash punch, gut punch, PPP turn punch(?)
  • Deejay: That “OH YEAH” kick(?)
  • Gouken: His dash punch thing(?)
  • Dictator: Misspaced Scissors Kick
  • Oni: HK/EX Cross-up Slashes(?)

Am I missing any obvious ones? Ones with (?) I’m unsure of.

I think the EX GT buff makes U1 look great, but it also makes U2 look good as well. Using U2 always made me feel like meters were only for a safe wake-up reversal, but adding an additional st.HP onto of his BnB is really nice especially against fairies. For example, against Akuma, would you rather want U1 for the whiffed RH punish or U2 for the ‘no more air fireballs and vortex’ net? I think U2 would definitely be more beneficial now against Akuma and Viper. Maybe Cammy and Adon as well.

I guess that depends on whether you think the low damage from AA U2 is worth it, Akuma and Viper do have low health though so I prob would go with U2 against them.

I’ve gotten used to not really using U2 except for a few matchups (Sagat, Gouken, Rose…think that’s it) so it’ll take some time to adjust :wink:

Hm. Is the damage noted for U2 with a full revenge meter or regular? I imagine having a full revenge U2 against heavy projectiles wouldn’t be too hard to obtain.

I actually only use U1 except for against Rose currently. Gouken’s fireball game isn’t that dangerous IMO.

punish against balrog overhead/gut punch:

c.lp, ex.GT, FADC, hp, hp.GT, ultra = 504

Doubt anyone will be landing this mid-screen, but definitely viable in the corner. Since Rufus is great at pushing people into the corner then I can see this being a very legitimate combo. Not to mention people will be a lot more afraid when Rufus is pushing back into the corner discouraging players from back dashing constantly or encouraging some to attempt to jump over him.

Tbh, that’s some scary damage based off a cr.jab which can be effectively used as a footsie counter if the EX GT is buffered. I doubt it will make it to the final 2012 version.

I’d be happy with just a fix on EX Messiah going over certain crouched characters.

To everyone… EX gt is not meant to be used in combos… if You where a good rufus player youd realize what its real good use is for…

EX GT is the only way Rufus is getting big damage off his crouching attacks and now with 2012 a way for him to combo his ultra from a crouching short. You are right that EX GT can be used for things other than combos like for footsies or long range punishes.

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The new ex buff is only good out of combos, if you do ex gt after anything but a cr jab its a waste. Tell me what how your gonna use ex gt then? Oohh after a dive kick short short cr jab ex gt huh?

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Your post was actually very good. He just is a random kid. Id share the in depth shit about the rufus changes and new options when they are 100 confirmed.

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