Some SF art colored

here are some SF art I colored
Akuma by skottie young

Zangief by Lesean Thomas

Zangief looks like a rejected disney design O.o

I like it :smiley:

This is as good a thread as any to post this…

Ryu vs Sagat. Joe Mad pencils, My colors.

Oh I wish I was an actual colorist for Joe Mad/Streetfighter

I like the Humberto Ramos style on the Akuma, dragonfist.

I like it, I like the flames on the back of Akuma and how his eyes are like black but lit by flames

I like 'gief’s look his head could be a bit bigger but it gives off the whole mountain of a man feeling :slight_smile:

The inks were images i found on and Lesean thomas site.

My first published color work will come out in March
I did a 48-page one shot for MoonStone Books
Its a Phantom one shot called Valley Of the Golden Men

I will post some more SF color art. A friend of penciled a Charlie pic a while back and i am re-coloring it and will post it soon.

Here are some preview images of the Phantom Book i did

i wanna color some joe mad/SF myslef

haha nice…but how’d you get em to be TEXT files?! :eek:


yah… i’m having trouble viewing them b/c of this -.-;;