Some sprite requests


Does anyone know where can I find good looking sprites of the following characters:
SonSon/Tron Bone/Servbot/Marrow

Rock Howard/Athena

One single sprite of each one will be nice.I just wanna make a wallpaper with CAPCOM characters.

This is the best I could rip by myself…


Here’s one


Thank You!!!
Now there are only 4 left.
How did you get it?


wow that’s some clean shots!! how did u take them :eek:


buy a TV Tuner.


What brand?


It’s not a fucking tv tuner that gives pixel-perfect shots like that. It’s an Xbox with a dev kit.


or a tv tuner smart one.


What is the dev kit?Is it expensive?Do you know where can I find it?


No, he’s right. A normal or even semi-expensive capture card/TV-Tuner won’t give you pixel perfect shots. No matter what cables (S-Video, scart/AV cable, etc), add-ons (VGA box, etc) or programs (WinDVD, etc) you use, the shots they produce won’t come even CLOSE to what comes straight out from the game itself.

Even some Photoshop editing (resize, sharpen, etc), it will probably still need some major cleaning and editing.

I’ve heard that there are some capture cards that can take pixel perfect shots, but they run close from $3,000 ot $8,000, with them needing an s-load of power and fans/cooling systems.


Now I know what is the dev kit.But how did some people get it if microsoft only distribute it to developers?
Is there any other way to rip it?Any tool for ps2,x-box,GC or Dreamcast?Does anyone know?




Thanx Man!
Did you rip it by yourself?




Another rip by me using video capture.




It looks like a sprite from Garou…
One more by me:


No more?




yo can i request a clean shot?

could some1 make a shot of yun winning pose (the one with yang) ? i’ll clean it by myself :smiley: