Some sticks for sale + hacked PCBs soon

painted mdf. very good paint job. Does not come with the sanwa inside but I’ll throw in a red painted dust cover and a tekket 5 red balltop if you want. I’m selling it like this case empty because I forgot to buy red buttons…

100 shipped.

next, I have a final fantasy 7 stick (completely legal for me to sell too because the art is a collage from a poster lol). sanwa JLF with pearl seimitsu buttons. painted mdf. I can stain the back panel if you want.

more photos

Asking 220 shipped. Your choice of console (DC PSX or GC).

Also, I have a large shipment of PSX controllers coming in which I’ll be hacking and selling at around 20 shipped. leave a message here (DO NOT pm me) if you’re interested so I’ll know about how many I have to hack. I’ll make the official thread for it once I finish hacking a bundle.

I’m interested in those hacked PSX pcb’s. Probably two of them.

Im interested in a psx pad :lovin:

or 2

i’m in for a hacked pad.:bgrin:

If it’s compatable with Spiffyshoe’s solderless hack then I’ll grab atleast 2.

Oh man, if that box was a little less id jump on that… sigh :sad:

Um, I’m sure some of them are the series A solderless hacks. But it doesn’t matter. I’ll hack them all myself whether solderless or not so it’ll all be the same for you.

I might drop price eventually :). don’t know though. Check back, I’ll bump it if I do.

sup bro.
how you been. wish u had the hacked pcb at fanime. either way i’ll take 2.

Dangit chipper. I really wish you were up for trades on some stuff. I don’t know the tone of green, but pearl green buttons + pearl green ball top (I have about 6 of those here waiting to be drilled…) and that would look plain awesome. I just don’t have $200 to give ya. :\

I’m assuming y’all want QDs on the PCBS so I guess I’ll go buy some right now -_-.

Lol, so sorry man, but the last thing I need right now are more joysticks. Which makes it pretty sad that i’m making 3 in my garage right now, but you know how it is ^^;;.

You should do a tutorial for those beautiful boxes with the curved soft looking edges, man.

thanks for the compliment airthrow ^^. I’m planning on doing a video tutorial on joysticks eventually. The curved soft edges were jsut sanded down by hand if you were wondering though.

edit: oh actually, the soft edges on the red one were precut into the mdf when I bought it. Rather convenient.

I’d be down for two hacked PCB with some QD.

I will get at least one PCB…maybe 3.

bump, everything is still for sale.

prices negotiable.

PCBs will be coming in a few days… I hope. Just wait for the official thread.

Well look if that box dont get sold by the 14th…ill buy it from you for 70 or 80…your choice…