*** Some sticks for sale ***

No not ‘officially back’.When I do I will bump my old thread.But I still have enough parts for about 8 sticks.

  • All happcontrols part(comp stick/buttons)
  • All black sides
  • plexi glass top
  • flush mounted stick(no carriage bolts on top)
  • will use official sony digital PCB
  • whatever artwork of your choice,etc.
  • start+select button around the back where the cord is.

I will sell them for $85+$15 shipping anywhere in the us which is little cheaper than usual.Any other questions,inquire,special requst(IE different PCB,p360 stick,etc) pm here/email/IM me for a quote. customjoystick@yahoo.com or aim : snaaake718

Here are some pix of how the sticks will look like and some pictures I put together for recent customers.Now if you need anything specefic I will probly do it but try to pick one from here.



Thanks for playing !

thats tempting as fuck

The buttons are crooked.

No, the buttons are round. They are also aligned into lines.

What the hell ??

Anyway…I am accepting trades too.
Looking for: Zone of enders 1 and 2 for ps2(LEGIT) and a PSP+metal gear acid.If anyone interested in trading anything else send me a PM.

Hey man where did u get that badass Magneto pic…if you can link me or wutever that would be badass…thanx

Let me get that stick for half off asap.

Nice. Looks pretty damn sharp…

Do you mean it like this?:

ZoE 1 & 2 for a stick,


PSP + Metal Gear Ac!D for a stick

Or do you mean:

Zoe 1 & 2, PSP, MGA for a stick

If it’s the second one… :Wtf: . :stuck_out_tongue:

gets antsy and wishes he had some money

I wish some god damned place would hire me.

I meant like those are the things I would be interested in for trades.But of course I would have to throw in some $$$ with a stick for a psp duh !

pm sent Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaake

I’m looking for a better American style stick than the one I currently own, and I have a legit copy of each: Z.O.E. 1&2(no instruction bok for ZOE2 though) and they are in excellent condition.

Would that constitute for a straight trade for one of your sticks?

If so, then I’ll take one!

lol nm


Your PM box is full

Check PM

Put me down for one using this pic http://www.imagehostplus.com/v2/usr/956/overlay6.jpg please

All PM/email replied go go go ! :smokin:

PM sent

PM box full

oh hey sup Nick,pm box cleared !

…Fixxed :stuck_out_tongue: