Some storm chains been working on



just a few rediculously stupid assisted combos…

clk + call drones, clp, shk, sj, lp, lk, hk, LA xx LS
clk, clk+call drones, shk xx typhoon xx hailstorm

clk + call rocks, clp, shk, sj, lp, lk, hp, LS

clk + call bubble, clk, pause, shk, LA xx LS

omega red throw…
clk + call assist, clk, pause, shk, hailstorm

corridor, shk, sj, lp, lk, addf (reset, lp, lk, LA xx LS), land, tj over hp whiff (reset), clk + capcom, clk, typhonn xx hailstorm (this isn’t something i’m “working” on, just something that i randomly did that was cool, since i do suck…


(i bet your tired of me replying to your threads)
but i got one wit storm i found out a month ago that eats life like crazy…its with collosus.
jab, jab, launch (hk) + collosus’s ANTI AIR, hk to smack em’ downward into collosus (they would be frozen in air for a split second) then lightning attack, lightning storm…thats almost 75% life gone, no lie.:cool:


nice…i haven’t gotten to collosus yet


yeah how about:

shk+ bubble, sj, hk, df lk, hp

i think that one works.


got a good one against bigs:

jump in, lp, lk, mp, >, magic, launch, ^, hk, ad df + hover, magic, LSx2 xx LA

something else that’s really hard IMO

(start close to opp.), hail, ad df,, launch, magic LSx2 xx LA

^ I’ve only landed that twice so far.