Some stuff to use



c. Strong link: for anti-wake up game only…I think, Execute c. strong a frame or so before the opponent finishes waking up. If it hit’s you can link it into a SAII. Simple as that.

For anti-air, hit the aerial opponent with s. jab and then dash forward for cross up Makoto style. I’ll leave the rest to your creativity if you have any.

Kara Cancel RRF with c. strong in order to do Remy’s 4-hit classic on opponents that are not in the corner. However keep in mind that the c. fierce is only possible to connect on few crouching opponents. (Yes, I know it would be nice to list them but I’m sleepy)

There is a frame for every character where they seem to be almost standing during the end of their wake up animation. This is the Perfect time to do shit that cannot be parried low:

High LoV
Far S. Roundhouse
close S. Fierce
Far. S. strong

** A roundhouse CBK will cross up when blocked at this point** Pretty cool, huh?

I think Remy UOH also crosses up when it hits at this point but I’m not certain if it does the same thing if it’s blocked at this point.

Remy’s S. roundhouse, C. roundhouse and his POH have the most horizontal range.

S. forward has a little more range than his c. strong, but it’s pointless to use due to its speed, unless your avoiding sweeps or want to switch in the middle of a series of pokes to something that can’t be low parried.

You can juggle with a 2-hit EX RRF after a roundhouse CBK and only if your opponent is in the corner.

I’ll post more in about a year…or sooner if I can get to see more people.


nice to see u back on the boards

what 4 hit classic r u talking about? is it the jump in fierce, crouching fierce, short CBK, roundhouse RRF?

will the roundhouse CBK be a true cross up hitting from the other side of the oppponent?

its easier to combo the EX RRF from the forward CBK if the opponent was in the air. r u hitting them off the ground with a roundhouse CBK to get it then? or getting an anti air?

a year? r u in japan now or something? i’m in ny this saturday going to be there from now till december we should play sometime.


I’m not sure, but I think he means that you’ll just land on the other side. Still useful.


if you cancel a croughing strong with a HK cbk… that’s an automatic crossover (good for getting out of the corner I think)

i think remy has the oppurtiny to parry/block after he lands not sure though


u’ll be hammered from behind if u do that…

thank u so much for the classic 4 hit jump in for mid screen landing 60 points of damage without using bar is definently worth the learning of the kara RRF.


how do you kara the RRF?:confused:
and what are you guys talkinga bout this 4-hit combo?


u kara cancel the cr. strong, just do a normal RRF but hit strong while u r crouching then quickly hit up and roundhouse.


Hey guys, check out , looks like Remy has no startup time on his forward dash. Would it perhaps be a good idea to, in order to counter Makoto wakeup games, to dash forward to avoid karakusa and then either throw or combo?



So it’s his forward dash only, eh? Well, if he counts in air the entire first part of his dash, which it seems it does, then dashing forward sounds like a good idea to counter throws, and avoid ground combos becuase once you get hit once you’ll be flipping back. However, I’m not sure that stuff on remy can be trusted, since some tiny bits of that data are inaccurate, such as remy’s far standing forward being able to super cancel. :rolleyes:


remy’s far standing forward CAN super cancel… the cancelable part is after u did the kick and he’s putting his foot down… before he does that u can press another button and cancel the recover animation with another move.

i think its possible to do standing forward and just watch what the opponent does after u land it and then cancel into super if u see them attempting anything,(blue nocturne sounds great for this too bad it sucks!)

i’ll poke with standing forward and then do short CBK to counter the sweep back from the opponent.

u can also just do standing short.
try this… do standing short into standing forward then cancel the recovery into standing short then repeat. kinda good hit string.

ALSO do standing forward and then cancel the recovery into the dash and then THROW! remy has that fast ass abusable urienesque dash into throw technique since remy’s dash is also so fast.


that great idea of the kara RRF could probably be useful for Remy’s corner juggle combo off the neutral throw, i havent tested it out yet but since it does give u a nice push forward allowing u to do the 4 hit classic in the middle of the screen, i dont see why it couldnt help in hitting characters previously unhittable with a RRF after the neutral throw in the corner (like ibuki and the twins). and if the frame advantage is large enough maybe u can land a EX RRF after the throw on some of the average sized characters such as the shoto’s and chun.

i finally got the 4 hit classic combo working mid screen now, but i got this crazy stigma where i can only connect the short RRF after the CBK. go figure:lame: