Some Stupid K.O's here!



hey guys check this “Stupid K.O’s II” video @


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None of these were any good! Like anyone who plays a lot I’ve seen some really cool/weird ish. There’s nothing odd about doing a cr.forward and having a wakup ultra hit you. :tdown:


Wow, a bunch of people scrubbing out. Like I haven’t seen shit exactly like this millions of times. Why are you posting it in the Akuma section?




I once did a super after the fight had finished. My second jab hit my little bro and killed him but because I finished the input Akuma actually performed the super after the fight was over.

Unfortunately I don’t have a video but I thought it was pretty funny, kinda like in X-Men v Street Fighter where you could slap them up after you won




These KO’s happen all the time, I wouldn’t necessarily call them stupid either. I’m not so sure about this…


Only losers would think these are stupid KO’s…




i have to say the last one was pretty funny lol thats wat u get for being cocky


Doing anything over Akuma when he is about to die online is borderline retarded, the amount of wakeup Ultras I’ve seen online were more than there are grains of sand at a beach.

Not saying they got caught because they were bad, they got caught because they should’ve known better that when you corner 75% of the people that play online, random wakeup specials and Ultras will take place.


Trying to meaty akuma in general is a dumb idea.


you want a stupid KO?


and yes im the scrubby Bison.


scrub scrubbb


i got nearly the same experience
i blocked the ultra and after the psychocrusher start passing me
i did the demon input and went right trough him =)


I’ve done it plenty of times with Dhalsim’s ultra, I end up doing a careless demon and dhalsim teleports which makes me switch directions, and run right into that big ol’ fireball.