Some suggestions wanted/ needed

I’m in the process of making my own custom stick and am most like going to purchase a proper sega (astro city, egret) style cp - similar to this

Now this is going to be made for the 360.

I was basically hoping people could give me some suggestions on how I should go about mounting it - like what shape of box I should use, . I was kinda hoping people here have seen something like this done before that looks good. Perhaps you’ve seen or thought of another way of mounting rather than creating a rectangular mdf box.

I’ve looked on google for a few hours now and can’t find anything like this and I doubt I’m the first to go about it this way. I’d really appreciate some feedback and suggestions. I don’t want to be paying a carpenter a small fortune to build something that’ll make it look the part. I probably will need a carpentar/ woodworker so if anyone from melbourne Oz has said skillz and maybe willing to help, drop me a line.

All serious suggestions are welcome. Thanks for taking the time in advance.:smile:

Just build the box whatever shape you want. You can use a router to carve out the place for the panel. As long as it fits the rest is up to your personal preference.

You could also something like this as a guide:

Thats going to be a little tough… you’d have to have great precision with a router. What you want to do is make a box that is slightly bigger than the whole panel and then mark out the panel on the wood and use a handheld router to route all that wood.