Some technical and gameplay observations

  1. Is anyone else having a harder time inputting quarter-circle special moves than they were in SF4? I’ve noticed that, as a pad player (XBOX), the game is much more strict in terms of recognizing down-forward, down-back, up-forward, and up-back directional inputs than it is in SF4 or MVC3. This has made the input of even simple commands like crouch blocking or forward/backward jumps inconsistent. Without modding my XBOX to record the axis-thresholds when the game registers down-forward, etc. I can’t know for certain, but in terms of anecdotal evidence I have absolutely no issues inputting double half-circle commands in SF4 while using a pad, yet performing quarter-circle commands for Poison or Rolento’s Rekka attacks (or even just throwing a fireball with ryu) is nearly impossible to do on a regular basis. God help me if I need to use a unique attack like Sagat’s down-forward leg swipe. I plan on borrowing a friend’s arcade stick to see if the issue extends to arcade sticks, but it seems odd that Capcom would “tighten up” the input thresholds for game pads and not arcade sticks. The end result is that my characters are not performing the actions I want them to do, and it seems asinine that there isn’t an option in the gameplay menu to bring the input thresholds back to SF4 or MVC3 levels.

  2. The latency indicator is useless, period. I’ve played matches against guys with yellow bars that end up having a more stable and less laggy connection than guys with white bars at such frequency that the latency indicator actually indicates nothing of value. If anything, gauging the amount of time the search function takes to “transmit data” is more revealing of potential latency than anything else. Why on earth does Capcom continually refuse to recycle the search and lobby functions of SF4? Those functions are arguably the best available on the market, and by what logical reasoning did the capcom developers think that anything resembling MVC3’s online matchmaking lobby would be ideal? Mind-boggling.

  3. There needs to be a way to disable “quick combos” entirely. Any character that uses press-and-hold attacks like Juri’s fireballs is often going to find themselves inadvertently using the inputs for a quick command, which is not something that an advanced player ever wants to use. Just like MVC3 gave players the option to use simple or normal input commands, “quick combos” should be enabled/disabled entirely from an option menu.

Those are the big ones for now. I think the game is fun, but the lack of polish on this game is apalling, and without a rather quick patching I’m likely just going to return SFXT to the store and let the rest of the community beta test while I spend time on a different game. I had hoped Capcom learned from their numerous missteps with MVC3, but I guess not.

1 is exclusive to analog sticks. Arcade sticks don’t have that problem as long as they’re set to DP.