Some things missing from glossary?


Sorry if it’s all there and I’m just missing it but, I’m feeling a bit lost. From this page:

I’m trying to make sense of some of takumas combos. And I have no idea what they mean (well some stuff because they are in the glossary)
For example: cl.C f+B xx [db]~f+D, [db]~f+B - ( )

This is one I am having trouble with. I’m sure theres more but I can’t even get past the first. I can’t see any definition for “cl”, im not exactly sure what f is but maybe its a forward dash? The C, B, D, A’s are described on the wiki page
Sorry if this is a really dumb question but I am really tired and I just want to understand it.


“cl.” Stands for close. A lot of games have normals that change based on proximity. Do a standing C from start position and notice that it’s a straight punch where Takuma’s back turns to the screen, once you get within range it changes to a "gut punch’ where Takuma faces towards the screen. Usually something is just labeled “C” for KoF in combos because it’s assumed that it’s a close version of the move because those are generally able to be cancelled.

The “f” is not for dash forward it’s just forward and B at the same time, this is a command normal.

The [db] is kind of a weird notation but in this case is means charge down back, charge moves in KoF XIII are universally 30 frames, which is half a second in real time. so the complete move is charge downback and then hit forward and D.

Oh, also watch this tutorial specifically for Takuma and the rest of the series for other characters and game mechanics in general.


Thanks for that. So that combo seems kind of difficult. How do I cancel into the charged kick?

Thanks for the link I haven’t seen this one. I can do a crouching heavy punch into the charged kick but I have no clue how to do it standing, or is it suppose to be crouch heavy punch? I’ll watch the video now.


I’d go into depth but Juicebox really does an excellent job explaining it in that video.
There’s also an entire thread dedicated to it here:

In general, Dream Cancel is a better site overall for KoF info since it’s a dedicated site for it.

Also if you’re not accustomed to playing charge characters Takuma might be a bit difficult to start off with, he’s really fun and a good character but will take some time and practice to get good with.


The forward B command normal acts as a buffer to build the charge, this is literally a technique called “Charge buffering”

I’d give a timestamp on the video but I can’t stream at work.

Fair warning this is legit a pretty tough combo to start learning the game with.


I don’t mind a having to practice. Although, I am only just now starting to take fighters seriously and I don’t have a stick yet. I’m using d-pad atm, so I guess its going to be even more difficult? :confused:


Not necessarily, depending on the pad you’re using. There’s a decent amount of players that I know of that play KoF on PS 2 pads with adapters or PS 3 pads.


Is PS2 pad better than PS3? I am using a PS3 pad. Well anyway, I found the part of the video where he talks about that combo so I’m going to try it out. Thanks again :slight_smile:


Not a pad player myself and I don’t own a PS3 so a lot of this anecdotal, but I think the PS3 D-pad is a bit mushier than the PS2 but either is far better than the 360 d-pad. PS3 pad should be fine to start.


Yeah way better than Xbox d-pad. I’m playing on PC but using PS3 d-pad till I can save up for a stick. Also I just got that combo for the first time ^^, I was doing it a bit too slow so it wouldn’t combo but I got it quick enough just now

Great video, I will be sure to subscribe.


Dualshock 2 (DS2) is the same as DS3 except for the L2 and R2 buttons, which are much more responsive. If you use these buttons (probably don’t need them for KoF) then a DS2 will be better for you.

DS4 actually has the best D-Pad I’ve ever used for fighting games, it’s a vast, vast improvement from the older models. However, its L2/R2 buttons are actually a little too responsive, I find I need to unbind them to keep from hitting them accidentally. You also can’t access the PS3 home menu like you can with DS2 or DS3, and I’m not sure if there are adapters to make it compatible with XBox.


I was able to get it more consistent today. What I did was practice doing the Hien juggle which is a lot easier, which made me realise I was charging way too long, which is why it wasn’t comboing.


Another thing, it seems like I can start the combo with just a heavy punch, not the close version. Are there any downsides of doing it this way? Maybe less damage? Sometimes if I enter cl.C f+B really quickly while standing close to the enemy, it will do a throw instead of the combo.


Yeah, KoF XIII has noticeably shorter charge times than most other games I’ve played, the next shortest one I can think of is 42 frames for Vega’s flip kick in SF4 (I think), and I don’t know but SvC Chaos Guile probably has something silly short for his Sonic Booms.

Point being that getting used to that short charge time is clutch.

I’ll confirm testing this tonight but I didn’t even think the far heavy punch was special cancelable, it might be possible to link it but I have my doubts. Make sure you have the Dummy set to 1 hit guard when practicing combos.

[EDIT] So it turns out far C is special cancelable and can go into forward B, but I am pretty much positive that you can’t get the charge for the Hien kick off a raw C no matter what. There isn’t enough hit stun to charge after the fact and the buffering system doesn’t seem lenient enough for you to return to neutral and stand up while still getting the proper input. My wager is that you didn’t have the dummy set to one hit guard, which you should have all the time unless you want to use one guard jump to check how safe or unsafe a move is.

Try that supposed combo again and watch the combo counter, try and do regular C into D Hien kick and I bet the counter will register 2 hits, for that to be a real combo it should read 3.

That being said you should still pretty much should always be going from a close heavy attack to a command normal because that is the bread and butter for 95%+ of mid hitting combo starters in the game.

The downside if this is even possible is that you are giving yourself less time to hit confirm. Long definition here
Short definition being that you have less time to make sure your attacks have not been blocked. The hien kicks are super unsafe on block, which is noted in that Juicebox video I linked in a previous post.

Using the close C forward B allows you time to charge and confirm if the attacks have hit or been blocked. If they are blocked you should cancel into a safer move like his Zanretsuken (f,b,f + A/C) or Kyoukugen Ko Ou (qcf + B/D). Just letting the hien kicks rip will get you punished, BADLY.

Preferably you should be using the light versions of either of those attacks on block, because while they are still negative frames on block, they are less so than the heavy versions and both those moves push back enough that they limit punishes.

The EX version of Hien kicks and Kyoukugen are both pretty much 0 frames advantage on block but if you are going to use an bar for EX you should use an EX Kyoukugen because of how much guard damage it does. Again all this is covered in the Juicebox video, that’s where I learned all this.

If you are getting throw that means you are hitting a direction plus C at the same time. Close C has to be done with the stick or D-pad at neutral. Scope out that section of the video again too. Juicebox even makes a point of the rhythm you should be hitting it.

[Second Edit]

I think I realize now that you just meant hitting far aka regular C into the forward B, which totally works. The risk you run is that far C will wiff at a far enough range which is even worse than being blocked because you would not have put your opponent in any kind of altered state (see whiff punishing for details). So you can be punished with an even greater number of options.

There is also a “benefit” to getting either close C or throw because despite dropping the intended combo throws are fast to come out in this game and harder tech compared to some, AND Takuma’s throw is an untechable knockdown which means you get another set up.

TL;DR: Go for close C, it’s better in just about every way


Thanks for that. I guess I need to focus on the rhytm of cl.C f B. It’s becoming less a problem though as it seems most characters I have played have that combo, or cl.C f A

Thanks again ^^