Some thought in Fighting Game 'Broadcast'


Hi, I’m from Brazil, and after seeing the Evo2k6 trailer made by jchensor i was wondering about some topics to discuss on this subject. Since im probably not buying the dvd, some of the things i might be saying here are old news, but I expect some arguing around it.

All the firsts videos from competitions all over the world were direct rip from the video output or some capturing made by a camera on a tripod filming the screen. To learn patterns, strategies, learn more about the game and see the most recent results that is great, but what about entertaining?
From what ive seen when exposing tournament videos to friends who doesnt play games most of the time they seem pretty confused and only understand something when it is pretty huge (unbelievable comebacks, perfect, infinites), but there are two things to me that seems vital to make ANY game interesting to a crowd:

  • Crowd Noise
  • Some Host (Commentator)
  • And a second (technical maybe) commentator, which may be discarted for fighting games, thus it’s not actually a category.

I think that apllies to fighting games to the point where Evo is taking it. Of couse, on the tournament itself, commentaries may ruin the gameplay if the players are listening to it (now he is going for a throw/we can see he has a full meter, activation may be coming any time now), but that can be solved. Ive seened the FFA Ranbats with comments, and you can tell that the comments are really just for fun and full of inside jokes, and not actually corresponding to the game or the players themselves.

Crowd Noise helps people that dont know the game, and really are not understanding who is winning, to see what the emotions and thrills the game have. And also sometimes understand what the hell is happening on the screen. And even for us players, it is awesome to see the crowd reacting

I could go on and but I think, you’ve got my point, there’s more issues concerning how to make fighting game tournament videos more interesting, but for me these ones seems to almost vital.


IIRC there was a big issue setting up crowd noise last year. Check the Evo Moments from Evo 2k4(the DAIGO PARRY), most of your points brought up have been considered and implemented as best as the Evo staff could each year.


I’m not saying they’re being put aside by the staff. My thread was inspired by seeing the efforts made by evo towards this trend. I’m just interested if other ppl also think that way.



From what I’ve seen, most people rather have crowd nois eon DVDs. However, some, like myself, don’t want to trade good footage quality for that. After al, the videos help us learn the game. The best idea is probably what Evo is trying to implement, which is capturing the noise and the video separately, so we get near perfect video quality with the crowd noise everybody loves.

Some crowd noises have an huge appeal to get more players for the scene. The prime example was the Daigo parry. If well done, Duc vs Sanford will probably be much better than that, since there were many more people watching and much more excitement with the whole WC vs EC and money on the line. I have that poor cellphone version on my Ipod and even in that the sound its something I’ve never heard before when it comes to any type of videogame event. I hope the DVd captured that well, adn Evo 2k7 can have more moments like that.


crowd noise is on the dvd so this is a moot point