Some tips for a relatively new player?

Hell Everyone :slight_smile:

Im pretty new to the forum’s & this is one of my first posts, but I was wondering from all you Marvel veterans out there, How do I go about getting better at the game overall?

I dont struggle with inputs, more or less just hitting/setting up certain combos. My current team is Zero, Doom, Akuma, but I haven’t settled on any assists yet.

I struggle with Zero when it comes to the corner lightning loops, I have the combo down all the way to the point where I should be activating my super. I know you are supposed to charge your buster to level 3 while the Sougenmu super cinematic is happening, but whenever the cut scene ends & I go to jump up and release buster, It is only level 2 and I have’t found a way around that yet. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

I can land the Doom Foot Dive corner loop without and trouble, while also landing the corner-to-corner clockwork combo just fine. But my issue with Doom is that when I try to do the TAC Down infinite in the corner, I struggle when I have to input a Fly command, whenever I do, I usually just input it while Doom stands there and drops the combo. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, I just haven’t figured it out yet.

As for my Akuma, I feel he is very solid. I can land almost any of the BnB’s I look up & I’m constantly finding new ways to do damage with him, the only question I would have here would be : What assist would be best for my current team? I’ve tried all 3, but they all seem pretty decent, so I’m having a hard time deciding which to use.

I would like to thank anyone who replies in advance, you’ll really be helping me out :smiley:

Have fun reading

And go to the character specific forums for your questions on lightning loops, TAC infinites etc.