Some tips reposted from general discusion

I actually posted this in the ‘top low-tiers’ thread in General, but I figured I’d repost here to see if anyone who played him had anything to add.


i’ve tried anakaris, but i seriously cannot do anything with him. any strats, combos, something that could possibly catch my eye to use him would be great. and what is this guy’s infinite? i’ve heard he has like a 100% hyper combo or something… this true?

Infinite can be done multiple ways, they all involve assist into Pharoah’s Curse (qcf+k). Cyke-B is the standard: [c.hp + cyke ^ lp,lk,mp,mk XX PC]. Pharoah’s curse doesn’t continue combo counting, so you can use multiple assists and damage doesn’t scale. Also possible with Gambit proj assist, Spiral ground, Zangief Lariat, probably more.

SJ & drop coffins continuously beats a few characters, notably Juggernaut. Coffins stop runaway, too.

Also, you can poke like Dhalsim with his s.hp/ into assist. Once you get a blocked assist, RTSD w/ bootleg triangle jump lp, mp, mk, hp, hk. Depending on character height you might have to leave out the mp,mk. Instant overhead (sj df+lk) is pretty good too in melee range.

Air to air is sick, as you can SJ w/ them and HP Idle hands or hk from long range. Or you can SJ from below them w/ which beats most everything above you. Alternately, drop a coffin on them. Or call an air controlling assist like Cyke-B and tigerknee a long range Idle Hands into their landing for a ghetto-fied Sent-style unblockable. You can follow TK Idle Hands by either OTG sj.hp to make them roll out and set up a zone game, Oooooor to land fast and meaty options as you stand up. If you assist beats theres, mash it out and sj airdash to crossup. Works great w/ Tron-proj but if you use Cyke-B he ends up on the same side as you, and if all blocked, you may get both characters eating beams.

so the whole set up is to put them into pharoah’s curse? is that more difficult than it sounds?


Yes. The opponent can still run backwards away from you while they’re turned into the voodoo doll & can still jump to mess with the spacing of the AC if you’re using Cyke-B.

Landing PC the first time is rather difficult, since you need to have the assist callable when you start the combo.

I like to occasionally use PC at low SJ height. It’s not safe, but sometimes people get scared of it and turtle, which is good. =)

I like to use Dhalsim (ground), Ironman (AAA), Juggernaut (ground), Storm (projectile), Magneto (Projectile), plus many, many more. There are plenty of ways to combo the Curse. It doesn’t scale damage after the curse either so after 3 to 4 reps they’re dead.

B&B combo (advanced):

launch, sj.lp,lk,b, lp Cobra Blow (b,f+lp) xxx Super Pharoah’s Curse (fk,lp,d,lk,fp). The super curse has to cancel the blow pretty quick. Does about 60% life on Cable. Also they can be OTGed after the final sarcophagus if they don’t roll or mash, by coming down on top of them with a FP then immediately lauch, then repeat above combo…


launch, sj, lp, lk, Asp Rush (b,f+pp). Comboing the snakes can be pretty tricky to get all the hits. By mashing the buttons in a circular rotation really fast you can max the damage at about 95 pts (roughly 75% on Cable). If you land this combo after the Super Pharoah’s Curse combo above than its an 100% easy on most characters.

Anakaris sucks.

Get him to the corner and he can’t do jackshit. Seriously.

dude if Anakaris is in the corner and he is being rushed down all you have to do is go for the grabby hands thing they will land in the corner in which case you can combo them.


as for my experience as an Anakaris user… I really liked being cornered because I have some tricks that will avoid the opponent doing rushing moves again. And I got a good launcher ^ aerial rave xx Hyper Viper Hordes = Kills Opponent. :smiley:

Reverse Warp…j/k

Seriously though, Doom rocks shouldn’t be an issue w/ Cyke-B behind you. Otherwise, pushblock & drop a LP coffin. As long as you can get a coffin off, you’ll get the opportunity to SJ out.

Anakaris doesn’t suck, the way you think does.

He’s no different than any other cornered character. No you can’t teleport him out of the corner, but you can still push block. I use Anakaris (ground), Sentinel (ground) and Captain Commando (anti-air).

When cornered you can do a number of things depending where your enemy is. For example (if your opponent is airborn jumping in towards you) Call Sentinel and you wavedash out of the corner while the opponent is blocking Sentinel drones, superjump, or if opponent is hit by drones use Anakaris to finish off the combo. Even if Sentinel is hit by opponent, you still have a chance to counter attack, or escape to turn the tide! Here’s another example. Push block first, then call Sentinel. If opponent push blocks drones, you escape, or go in for the kill after block-stun!
Of course this takes practice and no senario is ever exactly the same all of the time.

A cornered Anakaris is not neccisarily a bad thing though. If you grab (throw) opponent while you are cornered on the ground, you then have cornered your opponent which you now may punish him in a variety of ways. Personally, I like to punish with the (QCF+K) combo infinite.

good thread…amongst other things, i now see why Anak players would go for Pharoah Magic vs his PCB